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Never let yourself down


Assalamu Alaikum, 

Never be disappointed with yourself.

In today's society, if you are overweight, you are called 'chubby', if you are thin, you are called 'fat', if you are tall, you are called 'long' and so on. Both men and women are ridiculed for their skin color. Many times someone does this just for fun, someone makes such comments without understanding, which becomes a cause of frustration and distress for others.

According to various studies, an average of 45 percent of teenagers have faced this kind of teasing at some point in their life. Several studies have shown that boys are more likely to be teased. Those who experience ridicule, suffer from self-deprecation and poor mental health. Suffers from a kind of depression with his body shape, skin color etc., wants to hide himself.

Who makes fun of others?

I think there are three types of people who make fun of each other.

1. People suffering from impossible inferiority who find peace by hurting another's heart.

2. Ignorant people who are unable to understand the consequences of saying a word.

3. Really bad people who love to hurt people for no reason.

What happens from depression?

📌Children-teenagers, men-women, any age person can be ridiculed. Those who are mocked, suffer from depression and various mental problems.

📌Suicide: Some people even commit or attempt to self-harm or commit suicide due to depression and feeling unwelcome due to ridicule.

Personality changes: Exposure to ridicule in childhood or adolescence can lead to personality disorders in some adults.

📌 Depression: Depression is born with one's own body, one can suffer from depression due to depression. Self-confidence decreases, self-esteem begins to decrease.

📌Anger: Intense anger is born towards those who commented on him. From there many times become frustrated and behave aggressively.

📌Mental stress: If someone is ridiculed, he first feels some kind of mental pressure (stress) in himself. One gets confused about how to change one's body.

📌 What we need to do is,

We all have something to do to build a depression-free society.

📌 Do not ridicule: If a child in the family has a special structure or characteristics, then he cannot be ridiculed. Explain it to him and that it is not shameful for him at all. Praise him for his qualities.

📌Counseling: Do your own counseling. Especially at night before going to bed, remembering the whole day's work and starting afresh with an eye to not repeating what went wrong the next day.

📌Strengthen the mind: Why do I get upset if someone bothers me? Because my mind is weak. We need to strengthen our minds.

📌Be honest: The more honest you can be, the more you will be free from disappointment. The word impossible cannot be kept in our dictionary. Ethics and values should be taken along.

📌Use your intelligence: The outside world, TV, Internet, cell phones cause frustration, so it is not right to use your intelligence, otherwise life will be ruined.

📌Be patient: It is futile to expect everything to go your way. Therefore, if it is not desired, then break the ego and accept everything.

📌 Improve skills: Directing yourself towards improving your skills without giving importance to the words of others. It is better to admit defeat if necessary because it increases the argument.

📌Key: Forget, Forgive These two words are the key to a life free from depression.

If you read the words carefully, I hope it will be good by the grace of Allah.
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