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Some sun photography from Kelang region


There are some things in the world that no matter where you look from or from which place, it will continue to increase in beauty, it never decreases in beauty, that is the Sun River.

 Today's photography is of the sun, but it's not the fall afternoon, because the duty ended at 6:10, the boss was waiting for us to go down from the top. Actually, the boss will take us to the office by car, but the car is very big. I was sitting in the back seat and suddenly looked out the window and saw the scenery outside was very beautiful.

 Today we worked in the KL or Kelong region of the capital district of Malaysia. When I was coming to the room from Kelan, some factories or some construction work was going on in that area, so the sun could not be seen much because of the moving cars.

 Still, I hope you like the photographs.

Androidoppo A95
Camera4.71 Mm, f/1.0, (iso100)
LocationMalaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
Short by@aburihan
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