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Some photographs of ants


There are different types of animals in this world, maybe we know the names of many of them and we don't know the names of many animals, but we cannot deny that it maintains the balance of nature.

 Since the creator has created these things for the welfare of mankind, these small animals keep the balance of natural beauty. If we follow these small animals, then we can improve in real life.

 Today I want to tell you some ant story or something about ants. We usually call this small animal ant in Bangladeshi language but in pure language it is called ant. Pipilika usually collects or stores three months of food in advance.

 Many people are lazy if they follow this ant a little then this laziness will be removed in their life because the ant has become today and has collected food in advance for the child or for its own extraction and what are we doing as human race.

 These ants are usually found in flowers or on various fruit trees. Here today I suddenly saw these ants in front of my eyes and I have collected some photographs of them to share with you.

 I write my posts in Bengali and translate them into English.

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