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[Poem] Truth



Oh, Truth, you elusive and precious gem,

Your light shines bright, dispelling the dim.

You guide our steps, and set our minds free,

A beacon of hope in a turbulent sea.


Truth, you are the foundation of trust,

The bond that unites, the bridge that connects, us.

You are the compass that guides us true,

And the anchor that holds us fast, when the winds blow.


Truth, you are the key to understanding,

The path to wisdom, the source of knowledge.

You are the lens through which we see the world,

And the mirror in which we see ourselves.


Truth, you are the spark that ignites our passion,

The fuel that drives our dreams, the compass that guides our innovation.

You are the essence of our humanity, and the soul of our society.


So let us seek truth, with all our might and main,

For truth is the key to a better future, for you and me.

May truth prevail, in all that we do,

And may our lives be guided by its light, shining true.

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