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[Poem] Awakening our potential



Within us all, a potential lies,

A spark of greatness, waiting to rise.

But sometimes, we slumber, lost in the dark,

Unaware of the treasures within our heart.


Awakening our potential, a journey so grand,

Discovering our gifts, taking a stand.

To embrace our true selves, to shine so bright,

To soar to new heights, with all our might.


Awakening our potential, a journey of grace,

Unveiling our purpose, embracing our space.

To live our lives fully, with passion and fire,

To leave our mark on the world, with all our desire.


So let us awaken, let our spirits ignite,

Embrace our potential, with all our might.

For within us all, a star brightly gleams,

Guiding us forward, to pursue our dreams.


Open your heart, let your spirit soar,

Awakening your potential, forevermore.

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