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Hilsa fish recipe with raw banana.

Hope you all are well by God's grace. Alhamdulillah I am also fine by the grace of Allah. Today I present to you with my new blog. Hilsa fish recipe with raw banana. Yesterday a fish seller came in front of the house and I bought some fish from there. After that I made a wonderful recipe. Hope you all like it. Let's get started.

"Necessary Materials"


Ingredients: Hilsa fish two. Raw culture. Onion chopped one cup. Turmeric powder one teaspoon. Chilli powder two teaspoons. Coriander powder half teaspoon.


  • First I cleaned the fish well. After that I threw raw banana sprouts. After that I cut it. Now I cleaned it well. After that I rubbed the fish well with masala powder. After that I put the pan on the stove and heated the oil. After that I fried the fish well.
    "Cooking in progress"
  • This time I fried onions lightly. After that I gave a small amount of water. After that I mixed all the masala powder. Now I grind the spices well. Now I gave the raw chillies.
    "Cooking in progress"
  • This time I gave raw banana. After that I mixed well and grated everything well. Now I gave enough water. After that I covered it with a lid. After a while I opened the lid and shook it. I covered it again with a lid. After that I opened the lid and found that the broth had dried up and the raw bananas were cooked. This time I gave the fried fish. After that I finished cooking here after some time.
  • Although the English fish were mediocre. But it was very tasty to eat. Hilsa fish with raw banana recipe never eaten before. I made a whole new recipe and played it. Hope you all like the recipe. Let me know how you feel. Wishing you all cooperation. I said goodbye here today. I wish everyone to be well and stay healthy.
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