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![CB.jpg]( [source]( Hello, friends, I hope you guys are doing well and today I am going to talk about a very important and very different topic then we are talking every day. each and every day we keep on predicting different sides as well as I do some reviews of the matches, as well as I, keep on doing a biography of difference cricketers as well as different sportspersons. Today I am going to talk where I am getting this kind of information from which website and from which application I am using for my blogs. so basically it is a Cricbuzz site which I am preparing the first priority as it gives me regular updates regarding the score as I can change myself in the batting as well as in a different kind of money winning strategies. Well for any kind of environment of money that should be proper research as well as there should be a piece of proper information regarding any kind of sports which are there we are playing as a fantastic cricket or any other odd cricket. so it is mandatory to keep full research not only Cricbuzz I am using it is sometimes Cricbuzz is in trouble where many of the times I have seen there is a bug where is course and not updating day to day time. ![sk-featured-image.jpg]( [source]( For that reason I am using sportskeeda as a blog for writing my articles there as well as they give as live score which helps me to grow in my article and there are certain news which I am using even in my any other platforms blogs to write it from sportskeeda as you can also use it as same I do. it is a full research website as well as you can carry on by your own Research and then you can step into it. ### Thanks for visiting my blog....Regards.
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