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KKR is Having 6% Earning from CCD



![kkr-reu-e1542704704567.jpg]( [source](,543) Hello, guys today I am going to talk about the team Kolkata Knight Riders is one of my favorite team in the IPL. If you are not aware of IPL then it is an Indian Premier League which is held every year in the month of April. There are lots of gross investment going on during this session. So like to introduce you guys one of the team or you can say one of the champion team in 2013 Kolkata Knight Riders. Moreover, I would like to say that last year the captain of the team was Dinesh Karthik and this year also the captain of the team was the same. The owner of the team is Shahrukh Khan, jay Mehta, Juhi Chawla, Aishwarya Rai's Red Chillies entertainment. ![ccd-kmoB--621x414@LiveMint_1564494710663.jpg]( [source]( This team is earning lots of money yes we all know that in 2010 there was a global crisis of money where every team has got into the loss but however Kolkata Knight Riders the only team who is in the profit from the beginning of the team till today's date. Anybody's KKR is owning their 6% shares in coffee Day and many other businesses. So I think the owner is smart enough to handle the situation of the team as well as he is very good to Grab the good enough profit of the team. However, there are some difficult times when the team was not able to come in the top four positions as well as they manage to earn money as well so I think it was my opinion to write a blog with this kind of team. ### Thanks for visiting my blog....Regards
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