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Grand Contest for scorum community in lifetime...



![1553533724_photo_2019-03-25_15-22-53.jpg]( I was in the plan to start a league from many times. But unfortunately, It was very difficult for me to plan a league as I had no experience in this. After reading many blogs and looking at many other websites like steemit, weku, etc. I came to know how to start a league and what are the criteria for it. Today I am starting a league for the lifetime. Lifetime means until this platform is there with us I will be taking over such leagues and try my best to give some amount of SCR to my friends. What will be the process and who can participate in the contest and when will be the amount transfer to the account of the winner. All the details will be given in the same blog today. ### What is the contest for? The contest is for Sports lover. Those who cannot earn some SCR here is the golden chance to win Scorum coins for free on a regular time frame. ### What will be winning amount? Winning amount will be 15 SCR daily. Daily I will transfer 15 SCR to the winners. ### Which sports will be involved in this giveaway? I can select any sports. The most sports will be on Football and Cricket. ### In what time the amount will be transferred to the winner account? The maximum time it takes to transfer the winning amount will be 5 hours after the completion of the match. I will make sure to transfer the amount within the same day so that the next day we do not face any problem in the contest. ### It is compulsory to join scorumbet before taking part in the giveaway? Like many people who are not able to bet due to lack of SCR, so there will not be any compulsory for joining the contest. Everyone can take part and win SCR. ### What happens if there will be multiple winners in the league? If there are multiple winners in the league than we will divide the amount by the winners' numbers. For eg., if there are 3 winners than we will divide the amount of giveaway by 3. ### Will the price increase in the future? Yes, I will try my best to increase the price in the future for the giveaway and give as many SCR to my friends in scorum. ### Are there any hidden rule for the contest? My every plan are clear and on the blog. There is no other hidden plan for the benefit of myself. This is just for donation to the people and the way to promote scorum. ### When will we start the contest? The contest will be started from tomorrow 26th March. ### Rules for the contest and how to join:- 1) We will provide you with two matches for the prediction 2) Next, you need to do the only prediction for the match whether which team will win or loss or maybe the match will draw. 3) Place the prediction in the comment section. 4) I will announce the winner list in my next day blog. 5) Comment will be only accepted before 5 minutes of match time. 6) Snapshot will be taken before 5 minutes of the match at the time of the contest. 7) No cheating and more than 1 prediction will be not allowed in the contest. This is the simple rules there are no hidden rules or plans for the contest. I hope my plan for promoting scorum for lifetime works and I need as many as people to take part in this contest. It takes only 2 minutes to comment and tell your prediction. You can win 15 SCR daily. It is not less amount 15 SCR can be $15 in the future too. So good luck and I wish you all the very best for your future. ## Regards.... Note- If someone wants to be a part of this contest to help another then you are welcome to contact me in discord. [original content](
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