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![3W72119s5BjWMGm4Xa2MvD5AT2bJsSA8F9WeC71v1s1fKfGkK9mMKuc3LcvF4KigbWg9UsrpEPGL9CL9rGLXdPs99M3jeSXgu355FACXNmPongAkAH3CtW.jpg]( [source]( Jagara is a big village in the district of Nalbari. A big fair is held every year at Jagara in the month of Magha. It is known as Jagara sabha. It continues for five days. A sabha Committee is formed to manage the fair. The fair is held on the ground in front of Jagara High School. There is a big 'Sabhaghar' at the center of the ground. Shops of different types are set up. People from the neighboring village come to buy goods. There are Dhulia and Ojapali on all days. People gather in large number at the Sabhaghar to enjoy 'Dhulia and Ojapali'. Every year a movie theatre group is invited during the fair. Sometimes we have a circus. Though now I live in Bongaigaon during Jagara sabha my parents go to Jagara. They always take me and my brother with them. So we never miss the joy at Jagara Sabha. ### Thanks for reading my post..
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