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The vegetables that increase the height of the baby


![86935-baby-amarsangbad.jpg]([source]( parents have thoughts about child health. In particular, if the growth of the child is not good, then the anxiety increases. Analysts say that proper eating and drinking has a substantial role in raising the height of the child. If the body does not get proper nutrition, then it may not be appropriate growth. There are some vegetables that accelerate this process of body growth. For example, 1. Vitamin, mineral, fiber, carbohydrate and water-growing hormones help increase height by increasing the efficiency. 2. Effective to increase the proportion of vitamins, proteins, minerals, fiber and fat present in salogam. 3. Peas are a favorite food for many. Vitamin, mineral, lutein, fiber and protein in the body accelerate the increase in body height. 4. Cabbage contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and iron. These elements play a role in raising height. 5. Among the vegetables which are especially helpful for height increase, Palangshak is one of them. Vitamin, fiber and mineral height in it helps to accelerate the growth momentum. 6. The brokerage role is very important to speed up the growth of height. Vitamin C, fiber, iron, antioxidant height increase in it.
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