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Golden goose


![The-Golden-Goose-e1519391693135-200x200.jpg]([source]( This is a classic fairy tale described by Brothers Grim of "The Golden Hughes". It is brought to you by the growth by the story. Simplon was the youngest of three brothers. Each brother cut wood for a living. One day, the oldest brother went to the forest where he filled a dwarf. "Please," Bamon said, looking at the old brother's hungry hungry, "Would not you share my lunch with me?" "Why me?" The oldest brother snap. The next day, the middle-aged forest went to the forest to spend the tree, and he met the same dwarf. "Of course you will share your lunch with me!" Dive said. "Get your own," middle-class brother, "and do not call me 'Shirley'." On the third day, the younger brother went to cut wood in the forest. Like his 2 older brothers, he met the same dwarf. "I do not think you would share your lunch with me," the left hand pressed down and bowed down. "Why not?" Simplon says. "I'm attending to tell you a secret," dwarf unvoiced . "There is an oak tree by the river near a very large rock. It chop down, and you'll find some very fine in the core." Thanks Simplon Dumb. He cut the tree, saw it in the roots, and there was some brightness in the sunlight. It was a knee - a necklace with pure gold made feathers! Glad, Simplon scooped up the hounds. That night he used to be around nearby, with a feather to pay for his room. But some of them do not go into their homes every day and pay for a room with a pure gold-plated feather. Throwing their heads off the hallway, the three daughters of the classmate planned to steal each other. When Simplon was asleep, the classmate's senior daughter entered her house. He reached the occupation of the sleeping horse with the golden feather. But at that moment touched his hand, it was stuck! As much as he could try, he could not remove his hand. "I can fall asleep," he thought. "I just hope that my hands will be released in the morning, and then I will go back to my house before anyone can find me." Later that same night, middle class girl gradually opened the door. He also entered the room to steal the golden thighs. But her surprise was a lot, her big sister in the corner! She awakened her big sister on her shoulder. Alas! The moment was very stuck, when she touched her sister's hand.I'm sure you will not be surprised if you get very surprised that in the very night before, the little girl of the classmate also entered the house. He saw both his snoring in the corner of the big sisters, his middle sister's hand tap, and instantly his fingers were also stuck. The next morning, they all got up. Simplon shouted, "Now it was a beautiful night's sleep, now it's time to go." He took a golden hammer and stuck three sisters, he did not pay attention to running behind him, left and right, where his legs took him. A farmer saw this strange sight in hoeing his field. the youngest girl with her hand, and then her hand got stuck from her hand, and made her stand beside her. Then a miller farmer has been connected. Five of them came out of wood in two woods in Calcutta. Farmers, Miller and three sisters brought wood to Calcutta to help keep them loose. But the charakalarara thought to stay away from the golden sire. Of course, they will not do that. As soon as they touched the miller they stuck, too, and now their seven seven were stuck, behind Simplon and his bush. After a while, Simplon entered a state where huge crowds gathered before Rajkumar. "What is happening?" Sittington stood there and told someone. "They are trying to laugh all the princess," he said. "She did not laugh for many years, and the king said that the first qualified colleague who laughs with her will marry her." "Verily, Father," heard the voice of a prince from Simplon's balcony, "If there is anything that is not funny, it's a team of competitive youth to do something special." "But the pumpkin," the King Simulton loudly shouted aloud, "Do not you give the next one a trivial, intense opportunity, number 437! Step!" The princess threw her arms in despair and wandered around. As he did, he saw Simplon, that it was not enough that seven people were running behind him, everyone was connected to each other. It was ridiculous! He laughed smile. The king, however, was not very pleased that Simplon - the carpentry of all things - should be married to the royal family. "I told a capable man," he threw the king down with an arrow. "Anobleman. From a good family. Do not be a woodcutter!" Come, one and all!" At that moment all the seven followers, who suddenly went away to get scattered and to free all their strength. Back in the spring, they collapsed in a heaping shield of arms, legs, and cutting cap. Princess once roared with laughter. "Oh father," he gasping from the smile to the air, "He will always keep me smiling! Besides, he is the only fellow who ever proposes something. Everyone wanted to get something from us." "It's true," the king said, his cold chill. "Twice he has made you laugh and he is a generous colleague. He does not mention that there is a golden hip." So Simplon married the princess. Who was sitting in the row in the marriage row? Why, old dwarf, of course! And they all lived happily after.
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