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The art of the Khmers


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Today we continue to consider the architectural art of Cambodia. I want more people to see and know the beauty that was created many years ago. The photos I post by myself are also unique. The pictures were taken in 1975. There is something to compare the current state of architectural structures in Cambodia. In my personal library there is an album "art of Cambodia"with photos of Cambodia by Russian author N. And. Rybakova. This woman is an art historian. This is a very rare book-album and the circulation was small-25000 pieces. For the Soviet Union, this is a very small circulation. The album was released in 1977, he is older than me by 20 years. It is very interesting to hold a book that was born before you.

PREAH VIHEAR entrance gate. The beginning of the XI century

PREAH VIHEAR is on the border with Thailand. It is a magnificent historical place with very beautiful architecture. The temple is located on a mountain with a magnificent view. Preah Vihear as the Union of heaven and earth. Temple dedicated to God Shiva. The temple is protected by UNESCO

Some of the sculptures from various museums of Cambodia

Head male of a deity. The middle of the XI century.The Museum Of Chartres

Sleeping Vishnu, XI century. Bronze, Phnom Penh national Museum

Female statue, XI century. Phnom Penh national Museum

The head of Siva, XI century, bronze plated. Angkor, SiemReap


Bapuon-a unique temple in Cambodia, which is located close enough to the temple of Bayon and the Temple of Angkor Wat. Khmer translates as"copper tower". The temple was built in 1060. According to historical data, the temple was built in eleven years (1049-1060). At that distant time, just here was directly the center of the city. It should be noted that in the center of the temple Baphuon be Hamanaka - "heavenly Palace".

Baphuon. General view of the temple during the restoration in 1958 year. The restoration was interrupted by the war, but at its end the work was started again

Striking reliefs carries the upper terrace of the tower. These are small rectangular drawings with a frame. Heraldic compositions are intertwined in these paintings with scenes from everyday life.

On the picture reliefs you can see scenes from the poems "Ramayana" and "Mahabharatha", from Buddhist parables. But other than that we see on the reliefs of dancing animals, beautiful girls.

The temple of Baphuon it is beautiful in all its three floors. Elegant galleries are formed by light arches and pillars. Galleries seem to float out of the porticos, which gives the impression of the hall.

In the temple of Baphuon was located previously the residence of the Khmer kings.  In addition, the temple of Baphuon was once the center of the capital of Udayadityavarman II. This temple was an indicator of the most extraordinary capabilities of engineers and architects of that historical time. The temple of Baphuon is surrounded by unique rectangular fences-galleries, which are surrounded entirely by Sandstone.

It is worth saying that on the first floor of the temple of Baphuon remarkably preserved ruins of libraries. On the territory of the temple of Baphuon is the only cross-shaped Prasat. This is the top of the temple complex, the purpose of which is absolutely unknown.

It would be great to keep such works of ancient Khmer for a long time. So that later generations could also look at the historical beauty of the architecture and layout of the temples.

In photos reliefs of the second floor of the temple

I am delighted with the Khmer architecture, so continue to write posts about ancient Cambodia


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