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This year the novelist and journalist Ernest Hemingway would be 119 years old. The biography of this extraordinary man is so explosive that it is difficult even to remember the one who still had such a stormy life. In 1954, Ernest Hemingway deservedly received the Nobel prize in literature. The year before, the author of adventures and a special style was awarded the Pulitzer prize. Ernest Hemingway lived 62 years of a very diverse life. This bearded man in a coarse knit sweater was not just a writer. He was an athlete and a traveler, a hunter and a fisherman, a buzoter, a drinker and a war correspondent. Ernest Hemingway sought to emerge victorious from any battle, and thrills, scandals and adventures in his life was rife.

The most polite autograph

Hemingway was paraphobia – fear of public speaking. He never believed sincere praise readers and admirers. Besides, he hated signing autographs. Of course, in such circumstances, ham's autographs acquired a certain value. One reader named Victor hill argued with a friend that will be able to get the autograph of the great writer. For three months, an annoying fan stalked Hemingway, and finally he gave up and wrote on the inside cover: "To Victor Hill, a real Son of a Bitch, who can't take "no" for an answer. Ernest Hemingway – - " Victor hill, a real son of a bitch who can not understand the answer "no"!".

Favourite drink

Ernest Hemingway loved the cocktail "Daiquiri" and "Mojito". A bit feminine choice. Psychologists say, that such cocktails prefer men, which in conceals souls remained by small boys. Despite the fact that ham was involved in fights, could fill up the bull in the bullfight, went on Safari and admired the war, he was not the man who could protect a woman. He was attracted to strong women who nursed the wounded, cared for others, drove cars, went to sea on yachts and equally in men participated in Safari. Recklessness could be the flip side of the fear of death and the desire to prove his courage.

Records Of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was an attractive man, he had incredible strength and endurance. At the age of 60 he weighed 90 kg with a height of 185 cm, and could knock down the burning tip of a cigarette from a distance of 50 meters, which was held in the teeth by one of his friends. In his younger years, he survived one round against the heavyweight Boxing champion; he entered the cage with lions; he was a good Sprinter, could kill a bull like a real Matador. The thrill seeker was a skier, a swimmer, a yachtsman, a sniper. Once he caught a Mako shark weighing more than 100 kg on spinning. That fight with big fish became a basis for the philosophical story "the old Man and the sea" for which the Father received at first a Pulitzer, and then and the Nobel prize.

Familiarity with weapons

When Ernest was 12 years old, his grandfather gave him a single-shot rifle of the 20th caliber. The boy ran to show off a gift to his friends from the outskirts of Chicago. Seeing him, the old Indian woman said, " be careful, boy. These toys tend to go anywhere, including their owners..."Fifty years later, Hemingway shot himself with a Vincenzo Bernardelli. Now this model of double-barrel is called Hemingway.

On the knife blade

Before 62-year-old Hemingway put a gun to his head, he dozens of times by chance remained alive. In battle, he was struck by 273 mine fragments, and his feet stitched machine-gun fire. He had been in five accidents and seven accidents. Received the strongest bruises, fractures and concussion. Twice suffered on hunting, nearly burned down during a forest fire. Fate had it checked for resistance, and Hemingway was tested for resistance of their heroes.

Hero of his country

In January 1919, Ernest returned to the United States as a hero. He was one of the first Americans to be wounded on the Italian front. He said then, " I was a great fool when I went to that war. I thought we were a sports team, and the Austrians are another team participating in the competition." To be honest, the army did not take him because of poor eyesight. So ham enlisted in the sanitary detachment, which the United States sent to the Italian army. Ham was injured when he drove his bike to the front line of cigarettes and chocolate. During the war in Spain in one of the trenches Ernest met a French writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The style of the short story

Once Hemingway argued that he would compose a story of six words, which would be the most touching of all previously written. He won the dispute :" for sale: baby shoes, never used". "For sale: baby shoes. Unworn.» After that, competitions for the shortest story are held all over the world. Basic requirements: the presence of ties, climax and denouement. Here are other examples. "The driver lit a cigarette and bent over the gas tank, to see how much gasoline is left. The deceased was twenty-three years old" (O. Henry). "The last man on Earth sat in a room. In the door there was a knock " (Frederic brown)" in the glass I found in the morning socks, missing yesterday " (Emil Meek).

Violator of the Convention

In the next world war Hemingway in the rank of major had "his army" in a hundred bayonets, which climbed into the German rear. One day he entered the French city before the command. During an unexpected attack, he took up a machine gun and opened fire on the Germans. According to the law, it was a Tribunal. According to the Geneva Convention, war correspondents had no right to take up arms. To reproach Hemingway answered roughly enough: "When the next war begins, I will tattoo the Geneva Convention on my ass on the contrary, so that you can read it in the mirror." From the judgment of Hemingway's saved by the fact that he fought on the winning side.

Cat's father

In 1935, a friend of the writer captain Dexter gave him an unusual kitten. On each foot had six fingers. The child was named Snowball (Snowball), and since that time cats in the Hemingway house were not translated. By the end of the Second world war in his house lived more than 20 cats, half of which were six-fingered. There is an episode when ham had to shoot the cat Willie, hit by a car. "Of course I miss you. Miss you, Mr. Willie. I have already had to shoot at people, but never at someone I knew and loved for 11 years, who was lying and purring with two broken paws." Now the house-Museum in Key West (FL) there are many cats, among them the 44 six-toed descendant of the Snow. The special Commission recognized them as a national treasure.

Before Hemingway died, she had a persecution complex. She was treated with electric shock, resulting in the writer lost his memory.

Hemingway survived anthrax, pneumonia, malaria, skin cancer, hepatitis, kidney rupture, spleen rupture, skull fracture, spine fracture, two world wars and two plane crashes — to end up committing suicide, sadness...


There are different hereditary diseases or habits. But I never thought there was a hereditary suicide. I was very horrified once in the biography of Hemingway. Life suicide graduated his father, father brother, and younger brother Hemingway. Even I have nothing to say. After Hemingway left his work, three sons and three grandchildren. During his life he had 4 wives.

Very unusual advice Hemingway writers: 

Write drunk, edit sober

Many novels and documentary essays have been screened. To this day, Hemingway is interesting for its art and short stories. There are films that are dedicated to the life of the writer. For example,"Hemingway and Gellhorn" (2012) from Director Philip Kaufman. The main roles in this film were played by Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. The film tells the story of the relationship between Ernest Hemingway and his third wife Martha Gellhorn, who inspired him to write the novel "For whom the bell tolls".


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