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[Fhoto]: Rainbow-the road to heaven


 Hi friends! 

Amazing natural phenomenon - a rainbow. Today in Odessa this confirmation of spring. Flowers begin to appear from the ground. But the trees are still quite bare. It was completely spring rain and then there was a rainbow. This is real confirmation that the cold days are behind us...

Once upon a time, people believed rainbow road to heaven and believed that it can reach the world of the Gods.

For the first time the colors of the rainbow highlighted the ancient Greek scientist Newton. However, first he identified only five colors – red, yellow, green, blue and purple. But later saw still and orange color. However, the number 6 in those days, considered evil, and the scientist added in spectrum blue shade. Seven is a number equal to the number of musical notes, it seemed to Newton very pretty. So left, although in reality the colors in the rainbow fade into each other through a number of intermediate shades.

What is a rainbow and how does it appear?

To have a rainbow, you need a light source and high humidity. Colored stripes are visible in the sky after the rain and in the sun-lit droplets of fog. You can see the rainbow near the waterfalls, as well as in Sunny weather on the banks of ponds. I was lucky to see a rainbow many times. This is an amazing state of happiness! We always make a lot of wishes and thank our world!

Note that the rainbow is visible only when the rays of light fall on the droplets at an angle of 42°. In this case, the light source should be located behind the observer. How many times in your life have you seen a rainbow?

A rainbow is a closed circle, the lower part of which is hidden under the horizon line. You can see the rainbow ring from the plane window. But I have never seen before:) But a lot of time watching two of the rainbow. Today over our head was two rainbows! If you look closely at the photos, you can see two rainbows!


Let the rainbow always Shine brightly in your heart and soul!


 Until next time, @r3benok

 Author's photo of the iPhone 6S+

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