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[Antarctica]: Summer colors of the Earth's South Pole


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Today we will look at the beautiful places of our Land. The flora and fauna of these amazing places deserves special attention. Beauty is breathtaking and causes a lot of positive emotions. Antarctica is the sixth continent of the Earth, discovered much later than all the others. Development began only in the middle of the twentieth century.

It was discovered in 1820 by a Russian naval expedition on the ships Vostok and Mirny under the leadership of Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev. The area is 13.975 million square kilometers, including ice shelves and islands.

My friend Vadim Zhukovsky once again shared the beauty of Antarctica and sent photos that he made himself. We are very grateful for his work. Polar explorers for me have always been the heroes of our time! Good luck to them and patience! They'll be back home in three months. For 10 months, Ukrainian polar explorers at the Vernadsky station have been conducting research and development.

Beautiful and unspeakably fabulous places of the ice sheets carry many secrets and riddles.

Nature makes human figures of extraordinary beauty out of icebergs... Ice under the power of time turns into bizarre shapes and figures

Look at these beautiful photos. It is a touch of something mysterious and very mysterious in our world

The color of the sea gives magical colors and you begin to mentally travel in the space of colors and refinement

Pay attention to the shapes of icebergs that shine in the sun. It's not often that the weather is so sunny in Antarctica. On such colorful days, you need to have time to leave by boat and bring your camera with you. To then share beautiful colors with other people

This is a moss bloom in Antarctica. Only he dilutes the cold colors of these places with his own colors.

And everyone understands that it's summer in Antarctica!

In the photo, you can see how the crab-eating seals are sunbathing.

These are predators in these parts, it is also better for a person not to approach them.

And they look so smiling and beautiful:)

In the background you can see the Ukrainian Antarctic station named after Vernadsky. Who saw a diving penguin? See how beautiful it is!

We traveled to the South Pole today. We saw the beautiful places of our planet, which are so rarely visited by people... Thank you for your attention! See you soon!



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