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'Messi's relationship with Barcelona is a lifetime'

![messi-bartemeu.JPG]( The 31-year-old Messi is in great form in Barcelona this season. So far 21 goals in La Liga 21 goals Barcelona have six points ahead of Real Madrid in the points table. Messi's contract with Barcelona is two years left. At the end of the contract, his age will be 34 In 2000, at the age of 13, Messi named Argentine club Neilos Old Boys in Barcelona. The desire to return to the childhood club before retirement has been told several times in the past five times the footballer of the year. But the party did not agree to leave the best star He believes Messi can keep Barcelona in the rest of his career during the new contract. "Leo Messi will be with us ... ... the relationship will be there forever." "He told us that he wants to play here. We offered him a five-year contract. I hope we will continue to discuss the deal. "
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