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If you do not smoke!

![513006999.jpg]( [Source](,w_1024/img/files/201811/513006999.jpg) Many people adopt different ways to stop smoking. Someone succeeded in that way, and nobody succeeded. Sometimes a friend or a living mate offers gifts. Someone responded and nobody gave it. But recently a new method for smoking was known. According to The Telegraph report, smokers of Head Office of Piala Inc., Japan's advertising agency, often disappeared from the desk. The work hours are being lost in this The organization's authority in relation to the issue of new ways to get rid of this problem. According to the new rules, employees will get six extra days of extra holidays every year if they quit smoking. Head of the organization thinks, if you quit smoking or given more attention and time at work It is also known from the report, the head office of Japan's advertising agency Paiala Inc., a 29-storey multi-storey Japanese manufactory in Tokyo. For smokers, office smokers have to go to the multi-storied basement. But the problem is not there, the problem is that the employees of the agency are not complaining, they are working longer hours than smokers. Because, smokers spend a lot of time working for cigarettes. The company's spokesman said, it takes time for at least 15 minutes to smoke each time. Almost every day, smoker staff spent an average of 45-55 minutes. So many CEOs of the company thought that the new rules would be introduced. The most surprising thing is that many people have already given up smoking in this extra holiday. This is not the first advertising agency in Japan, earlier in July, an organization named Losan Inc. also changed the habits of their staff in the same way.
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