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Zimbabwe won by 5 wickets.



The tri-series is being held in Singapore. Singapore, Zimbabwe, Nepal are participating there. Zimbabwe won the first match of the series by five wickets today. He won the toss and went down to bat in the match. Singh Airee 40, the highest defender for the team, scored runs, while Sampal Kami scored 25. The highest wicket for Zimbabwe was Sean Williams 2 wickets. With 11 balls to play for 133 runs, I lost 5 wickets and reached the goal of winning. The highest ryan burl 41 for the team and richmood mutumabami scored 40 runs. Sandeep lamiccheni 3 has the highest wicket for Nepal. Zimbabwe could not bat well in the first row. In the end, ryan burl richmood mutumabami won his team by a partnership of 69 runs. Zimbabwe's 3 batsmen got out without any runs. The second match of the series will be held tomorrow. Singapore vs Nepal will play this match. [source](
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