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Real Madrid's defeat to Bayern



Bayern vs Real Madrid are played in the International Champions Cup. Real Madrid defeated Bayern by 3-1 goals. The dominance of the game has always been Bayern. They were 55% in possession. But Bayern scored the first goal in just 5 minutes. Tollis scored the goal The next round was followed by two and a half minutes. Robert scored two goals. And Real Madrid scored a consolation goal in the 84th minute. The goal goes. Real Madrid have no star players, and their game is getting worse day by day. Nobody could play well in this game. Hajad, Isco, Bell, Luca Madrid, Benzema nobody played well. Benzema was the captain in this game. Real Madrid started losing in the Champions League first game, Real Madrid Real's Point 0 points to 1 game. And Bayern have 2 points to play. Archangel is on top of the points table. Arsenal have 2 points to win 2 of 2 games point 4. And Ronald has lost one in Juventus's 1 game, his point 0. Their position is 9 out of 12 teams and Real's 1 position. [source](
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