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Australia scored 497/ 8d , Smith's 211 runs. England score 20/1.



On the first day of the first match in england vs australia the whole game is not raining Australia scored 175 runs on the first day and lost 3 wickets. However, Australia played great on the second day. Australia scored 497/ 8d for Steven Smith with 211 runs. [source]( Australia scored a total of 126 overs. There is still some over these days today. Smith scored a maximum of 27 runs for the team and mamus labuschange 67, captain tim paine 58, Mitchell Stock 54 runs. Earlier on the first day, Australia decided to bat and win. However, the start of the day was pretty bad for Australia. [source]( They lost 2 wickets for just 28 runs. David Warner (0) and Harry (13) return to the match. However, Smith and Labuschagne shared a 146-run partnership. He made his team run out of time with a very good run. However, Smith kept the wicket from one pass. 211 runs out. But he gave the team a lot of runs before he was out. [source]( For England Stutt Broad took two wickets, Jake Leach and Crige Overton. There are still three days to play. However, Australia have the game. They are more likely to win.
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