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Australia defeated England in second semifinal



India lost the first semifinal and lost to Australia in the second semifinal from the final. The second semi-final held in Perth was held. Participated in Australia vs England. At first Australia went to bat None of their batters can run. Smith scored 85 and Alex 46 runs. And the other players are better off coming. No one gets the run woakes and Rashid took 3 wickets. Otlia scored 223 runs. England went on to bat first and Australia's bowlers first started to chase. He got two wickets in 32.1 overs to reach his victory target. Roy 85, jonny 34, Root 45, Morgan scored 45. Stork and Cammans get one wicket each for the Australians. New Zealand vs England will be played on 14th. Let's see which of these teams go. [source](
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