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The story of King Shahriar and his brother King Shahjaman…(Episode - 0013)



![003-david-ark.jpg]( Listen, my lord. Shaharajad started. At one time there was a millionaire rich businessman. He was the richest of all richest, he was the best of all. She once used to ride the horse for trade and travels in different countries. One afternoon, after sunrise on the heat of the sun, he came to the shade of a huge bot tree and sat on it. Eat out the food pot and finished eating some bread, a little vegetable and a fruit. There is a huge giant standing in front of the face while washing his face. His sword in hand. Stand up, I'll kill you. Fear of the businessman said, what is my fault? You killed my only son. I am? What does? Yes you. The giant left the hoof. Ate eating a fruit and threw his seed. The body of my sons has lost his soul. I will not spare you. Murder for murder. Saudagar then put his hand together, saying that you are the best of the giant. I have never lied in my life. I did not sin anymore. Anyway, if your son dies, despite my reluctance, you'll get the punishment that you get. But before this one would like to meet once the family members. Give me that permission, this is my request. I have a lot of property. I need to make arrangements before I die. That's why I needs to go home once. My race is business. Therefore, some debts may be due. It is my duty to come out of them. I do not want to die with any debt. I'm not afraid to die. One day, there will be death. Trust me for a while. I go to the country. After completing the work there, I'll be back here. Then give me punishment as you please. I swear by God that I will return. The demon had left the merchant to believe. The work that was returned to the country came to an end. The wife and the children opened her sad story and said. They started crying. He gave the property the way he wanted to. In this way, one third of the year was cut. The rest of the wife, after meeting with the kids, went out in search of the giant again. One day while walking, he standing under the tree. At that time, a young man came forward to see her with a she-goat. **Image Source:** []( **To Be Continued**
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