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Daily Quotes Reflection #6


Daily Quotes Reflection #6 ---

Your time is limited, so don’t waste time living someone else’s life ~ by Steve Jobs

Today's #quote-reflection ---
There is a lot life had in stock for us. Just as there is time for every thing in life in the same way there is no time to be wasted, the little time you get must be used profitably. To not waste time trying to be something you are not, always be you. It is not bad to copy but wasting all your precious time being something you are not will not bring any good to you but will only lead you to disgrace and failure in life. --- Always try and be you, do what makes you who you are. You learn from others but don't try to live that will not lead you anywhere better in life. Being you and living you will bring success to your door steps. Great things comes to people who live a real life and put away all kinds of fake life. --- Never waste your precious life and time trying to please some people by living a life that will only bring shame and disgrace to you. Feel free, live your life to please yourself and your creator don't live life to please anyone. Just be you and do what you are good at and don't forget to ask for help where necessary because that will help bring the best in you ---

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