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It doesn't matter how many times you've been hurt, Rather, how many times have you managed to recover from an injury and move on. Able to work to move forward, That's the big deal. You can get a lot of injuries on the way to life. You may have to face many obstacles or difficult situations to deviate from your goal. Hayek it is far or very close to the prison. Maybe it's big or small. But the big thing is to have a strong will to move forward while keeping your goal unwavering. There is no substitute for great willpower if you want to achieve great success. Remember, people get hurt more from their closest or dearest people. So you don't break down Or do not withdraw yourself from your dreams. Don't forget your dream. Instead, always try to prepare yourself to do these things with courage. I say, injury helps people the most to awaken the latent potential hidden inside them. So not to hurt, Rather, fear the possibility of deviating from your goal. If someone hits you, you don't go to retaliate according to his opinion. Remember, only fools retaliate. And the wise are 100 times more than such an injury In the power of retaliation, he showed himself worthy.

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