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Why VPN and who uses it?



Hello, Friends. How are you all? Today i will talk about VPN. Today's article will discuss in detail what VPN is, why it is used and who uses it.

What is VPN or Virtual Private Network?
The full form of VPN is virtual private network (virtual private network). By looking at the subject of private network, you have already understood that it has a secure network system. Virtual private networks or VPNs act as an encryption process. VPN is used by both good and bad people. Here hackers are meant to be bad. The list of bad people may also include people who have visited various banned websites.

The purpose of good people using VPN is to keep their personal information out of the hands of third-party people. The hackers use it basically to make sure that what he is doing is VPN and no one else knows. There are two types of people who use VPN to maintain privacy. VPN encryption is used by everyone to exchange data.

From the above we understand that both good and bad people use this VPN for their own security. Somehow no one else can see him and his data. Which is possible through the VPN's encryption process. Now the question may be that what is encryption?

Encryption is a method by which when you create data to send to someone or where to write or store it, it will be in a form so that only the person you created the data for can access it. Also so that no one else can see it. Also, if the data is accidentally passed to an unwanted person, he should not be able to find any information in that data. This is the key to encryption.

Why is VPN used?
Let me give you a small example to explain why VPN is used. Suppose you watch a video on the internet. That's why after you click on that video on YouTube, your request will go to the ISP. In this case your ISP can be a telecom company or if you use WiFi that ISP.

The internet you are using is used under ISP. Your request will be moved from the ISP to YouTube's server. You will be shown the video later according to the data taken from that server. That video will reach you from the server to the ISP and from the ISP. This way you can see all the information on the Internet. The whole process of the internet, however, works this way. This is a normal process.

We visit different websites every day while using the internet. Not every website on the internet is created for every country. There are websites that are only designed to be accessed by people in certain countries or allowed to be used by people in certain areas. Now if people from any other country want to visit that website, they must go to that country. But to access a website, it is impossible to travel from one country to another.

The IP address that works behind the ban on accessing a country on a website. Somehow if that IP address can be hidden and the IP address of that country can be used, but that website can be accessed very easily. In this case VPN will give you the IP address of that country. Using a VPN basically hides your own IP address.

Excluding the IP address of one's own country, the IP address of another country is with VPN. As a result, you can visit the websites of that country by using VPN even though that website is banned in your country. In addition, a country's government or ISP may block certain websites. Those blocked websites can also be accessed by using VPN. VPN is not only used to hide your own IP address. VPN is used for the security of personal information.

VPN serves as a medium for exchanging information. As a result of using VPN, you are using it as a medium for exchanging information. If you connect to a VPN and do something on the internet but you are not doing it directly, you are doing it through a VPN. In this case, if you do something, it goes to the VPN, the VPN sends that information to your target or gives it to you from there.

VPN will always give you the data in the encryption process. As a result, no one understands what kind of information you are exchanging. In this case, your information will be stored only with the VPN service provider.

As such, there are currently many free WiFi zones. If you connect to one of those free WiFi and buy something from there via credit or debit card, then your information can go to hackers. Because the system of free WiFi is basically hacked by hackers. Everything you do will go to him. But if you work there using a VPN, then no one else will be able to see your information because of the VPN's encryption facility.

VPN is used primarily to protect one's own information from security and risk.

Who uses VPN?
As I said before, VPN is used by both good and bad people. Good people use VPN for the privacy of their information. And bad people use it for evil purposes. So that even if they commit a crime, it becomes difficult to find them.

However, using a VPN does not completely hide your identity. The VPN service provider has a record of all the websites that you have accessed or performed illegal activities using VPN. If you think that hacking a website using VPN is no longer a misconception. In this case, even if your information is not with the ISP, the VPN service provider has that information. If you have committed a crime by using a VPN, your information can also be found if law enforcement investigates it.

In this case, they can easily catch where the information has gone from. The law enforcement forces use better technology than the technology we try to keep ourselves from tracking. So no matter how big a hacker is, it is possible to find him. However, for those who use VPN for free, there is a risk that their own information will be compromised. But the information of those who buy and use the premium version with money is much safer using VPN.

However, if a crime is committed using the premium version, they can pass the information to law enforcement. But normally when browsing the internet their information is always in the process of encryption, where no one can intercept his information.

Last word
You can use VPN if you want to keep the privacy of all your browsing information. Which provides and communicates information to you through an encryption process. Where no one can see who is eavesdropping on your information. But here you can't stop companies like Google and Facebook from eavesdropping. They must collect your cookies and display ads according to your personal information. In this case VPN will not be of any use.

I hope you understand what VPN is and why it is used.

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