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Why do we see online ads as per our choice, and why are they offered?



Nowadays we see various advertisements on online platforms or when we turn on the TV. Which is both annoying and beneficial for us. Here we see the necessary ads of our choice and never see the same ad again and again. Today we will discuss why we see these ads in our own choice on the online platform and why these ads are shown.

If you enter Facebook or YouTube for a little need or to spend your leisure time, all the amazing advertisements like Bahari will come. Most of the ads that are in line with our needs. Have you ever wondered how they can actually understand our preferences? Many of you may be aware that they are stealing our information to show us ads. Now let's know the details.

You will see advertisements in many places around you. It can be on TV, billboards, mobile phones or computers. But first let's find out why the ads are given in these places?

Suppose you have a business. Now you want to expand the scope of your business. What you have to do for this. Of course, your organization needs to be known to the people. If you tell people about your organization by word of mouth, then it is a matter of time. Also, if you have a product and you ask someone to buy it, that person may not be interested in that product. So how can your product be delivered to the right people?

The answer will surely come here. Advertising is needed to get your product to the right people on digital platforms. Those advertising agencies will promote your product only to those who are interested in that product. As a result, you will get your desired customer to whom you can sell your product. Advertising is used to sell a product or service or to reach people.

The human brain has an algorithm. Which is why when people see something over and over again, they want to try it for themselves at least once. The same thing happens with advertising. On top of this fact they show you ads. Suppose you see a lot of ads on online platforms or anywhere else on Samsung TV or mobile. Now if you want to buy a TV or a mobile phone, if you see a mobile of that brand or model there, you will try to watch and buy it.

As soon as you open YouTube, you can see that the advertisement of 'Daraj' or 'Foodpanda' is showing the highest amount.

Why do you see ads for the product or service you need?
All the ads of choice are shown on the online platform. How do they actually understand what you are currently interested in, what you prefer? Ads are shown using your data based on your preferences and needs. The online platform keeps all the records of what you are roaming. Which website you are entering, what you are searching for, from which location you are searching, where you are currently using the internet and from which browser you are browsing the website etc.

Who is tracking your data?
Google and Facebook are the first to show ads. Who are always tracking you. Our activity is monitored every day on Google and Facebook. When we type something into Google, our keywords are recorded. Not only search history, but also the website you entered after searching by typing that keyword is also tracked. In this case, even if you do not use Google's browser, they still collect cookies from all those websites.

Google takes the category of topics you visit when you visit a website. Which they take to show ads. They do not use this information only to advertise themselves. It also helps you get search results based on your age, location and past activity when you search for something on Google. However, most of your personal information is used to show ads. They show you ads by analyzing the personal data according to your choice.

If you want to get a little idea of ​​how you are being tracked from a website, you can install a Duckduckgo browser and enter a website. You will see in the search bar above how many advertisers are eavesdropping on that website. They will collect the topics that you are most interested in on that website. Next up which will be useful to show ads on your social platform or any online medium.

Suppose you need a mobile now. That's why you go to Google or YouTube and search for mobile. Google will use that information to display ads. Google's job is to show people ads about their personal data. Later you will see that you see similar ads on Facebook or YouTube. This is usually the case all the time. If you search on Google to buy something, if you open Facebook after a while, you will go there and see that product. When you visit a website, Facebook and Google collect data from that website at the same time. Which shows you different product ads according to your personal data.

Google does not record only the topics you search for in order to show ads. Rather it collects a lot of your information. These include: the device you are currently using, the network quality of that device, whether you are currently using mobile data or broadband internet, where you are searching from, and your age. The information they use to show you ads. When someone submits an ad to Google, they select the options to whom they want to send the ad. You are shown ads only if your information matches the advertiser's information.

Not just Google, but Facebook and your personal information to show ads. What you are showing more interest in, what ads you are clicking more on Facebook, what kind of post you are liking and sharing more, etc. are tracked there. Tracks Facebook and your location like Google. As you go to Facebook, they want access to your location. In fact, you are not safe anywhere on the online platform. They will track you everywhere to take your important data, so that their ads can show.

Why does the advertisement of a thing show again and again?
The purpose of showing you an ad over and over again is to try that product or service at least once in your life. The human brain is such that if it sees something over and over again, it wants to try it at least once. As you can see the advertisement of 'Daraj' in the online marketplace repeatedly on YouTube. This time you will try to order something from the drawer at least once as a result of seeing that ad again and again. You will be told through advertising that that thing is good for you and that is what you buy. You recommend that product to other people.

The algorithm of the human brain is such that if something is seen over and over again, it will try to try it on its own. As a result, we often see similar ads in front of us, as if we were trying to use them at least once. Also, the purpose of showing you an ad over and over again is to make sure you don't forget about that product. The company will remind you about that product or service by repeatedly advertising. So that you remember that product or service and use that product or service again and again.

We are advertised using our personal information on online platforms. We will not be able to use these services for free if the ads are not shown on the online platform. We have to pay to watch YouTube videos, we can't use any other app for free, we have to pay to use Facebook and so on. Because all these platforms allow us to use these services for free only in exchange for showing ads. The only major source of income is online advertising. So we must give them this information to use the free service.

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