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What to do first to find products for e-commerce business



How are you all friends? At present we no longer have to go to showrooms or markets to buy any products. Ordering at home brings us the desired product. The products you are ordering are being sold online by someone like you. But you can not be a seller?

The first step in selling a product online is to choose the product. With that product you will start your online business. Today I will talk in this tune about which product you will be the first to choose for online e-commerce business. How do you find a product for your e-commerce business? Which you will sell to people and take money in return.

If you were asked when you paid a man? In reply you will say that when someone gives me a job or a service, I pay him. You never give money to anyone for free. Let me give you an example to explain the matter in a simpler way.

Suppose you go to a vehicle for your daily work, get up every morning and brush your teeth, eat food every day, buy internet on your mobile, etc. If you pay close attention to these, you will realize that each of them has a value. Someone has given you these products or services for which you have paid them.

In addition to these, there are many other things for which you pay them every day. In this case either you are making the payment or someone else is doing it on behalf of your family. Either way, the service provider or the owner of the product has to pay. This is how millions of other people like you get such services in their daily life. From whom the payment for the service is taken.

Suppose one crore people out of all the people of a country eat breakfast in a restaurant at one time and if the bill there is 20 rupees each, then the total cost of the restaurant will be a total of 20 crore rupees. Which is the cost of just eating at the restaurant every day. The same goes for other products. Someone is giving you the products you used and in return you are paying them.

That way if you can give them one of these products, they will pay you the opposite. As you can see in the example above, if you can capture 0.001 market share from this market, it will bring you a much larger amount. In this case, let me give you an example of the food of that restaurant. In this way you can capture any one of our daily necessities.

If you can deliver your product or service to a person in the market, they will also pay for your product or service. Just like others are doing to you. Hopefully you may have already realized that when someone offers you a service or product, you pay them in return. But let's take a look at how you can find products in the market and how you can make money from others by selling your products or services.

How to find a product for your e-commerce organization

Now the question is, what kind of product or service do you offer in the market, people will pay you accordingly. Here I will tell you four things through which you can find product ideas in the market.

You notice the utensils around you

In order to market to people, you need to look at the products around you. How many products are you using at the moment? For example, you are using your mobile, table, chair, fan, electric lamp, etc. at the moment. This way you can see hundreds of products when you look around and millions of people like you use the same products. All the products that they have bought from somewhere.

Different companies are offering these products in the market. You can start your e-commerce business by selecting any one of these products. Since people are already buying and using these products, if you also offer these in the market, people will buy them.

Finding new products

But we use the same product in our daily necessities. With which of us our whole work is done and with which it is not done. In this case, if you can bring a slightly different product than others in the market, people will take it to try at least once in their life. And if that product is good for you, then it will be the daily necessities. As a result, he must buy the product later and suggest it to others.

Also if you can find a product that is necessary for daily life that is not in the current market or even if very few people know you can be successful. People look at the new product and if it is good then of course people will buy it and in return they will pay you.

You can see these tips given by me in many advertisements. Many people who do digital marketing on Facebook choose products that very few people know about and use. If a product is always needed by people and if it makes life easier than other products in the market, then it must be bought by people. So that you can capture this market.

Before you start your e-commerce business, choose the kind of product that very few people in the market know and which will be very beneficial for people. However, do not choose a product that has a very poor quality. It does, but after using that product for a while, you will not buy it again and your rating will also go down.

Notice the product in various shopping malls and markets

You visit the markets in your city or area. If you look at those showrooms and shops in the market, you will see thousands of products. Choose the product that you like and you think you can work with.

You will also notice that the people you know are using the product you are selecting. If you notice that this product is mostly used by people you know, you can select this product. In this case you can assume that many more people like them are using this product. You get leverage to grow your business faster.

Since people have already started using that product and they have purchased that product from somewhere. If you also offer that product, anyone will buy it. If you offer these essentials to anyone, then of course anyone can buy them if they need it.

Find the popular product in your city

Every area or region has a popular or famous subject. For example: Mango of Rajshahi, Yogurt of Bogra, Kanchagolla of Natore etc. These types of products are popular not only in that region, but in all parts of the country. There are many such popular products in different cities. That is why if people go to an area, they buy some famous food or products of that area. If any relatives or friends visit the area, they are asked to bring the famous product from the area.

If you work with such a product, you can do it. Since the products are quite popular, you can easily sell them to the customers. By offering those products you can easily catch the customer and they will pay you accordingly.

If you select these products by region, you will be more likely to sell that product. Because everyone already knows about that product. If you can only earn your credibility from them, you can sell it to them. For this you need to keep your communication and relationship with the customer good.

Everything you need in online business

If you want to find an e-commerce based product, you can easily find the product you want by using these tricks. In this case, I would like to give you one more suggestion, so that whenever you start an e-commerce business, you should start working on a product first. You don't have to deal with a lot of products at once. In this case, there is a possibility of failure in the beginning. If you work with a product early on, you will get a very good response. When you do well on an e-commerce site in the beginning, you will understand later on which product you should work on now. You can do better if you offer any products in the market.

You must have an e-commerce site for your business. Because currently no one buys anything without a website. You can easily be trusted when you see a website. When you market on Facebook or any other social media, they will not trust you just by looking at the tunes from your Facebook group or Facebook page. Those who are a little aware online will definitely want to see a website of yours.

So if you want to be a professional digital marketing, you must create an e-commerce website. This will greatly increase the credibility of the customer and the scope of your business.

Until today, friends. If you want to start a new e-commerce business, you can follow the guidelines given above.

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