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What is Freelancing and Outsourcing



Freelancing is one of the most talked about words among young people today. Freelancing means freelance. In other words, freelancing is when you work independently, not under a specific organization. This type of professional is called a freelancer or independent professional.


Unlike employees, they are not paid. The amount of income may be more or less depending on the work and contract, but there is freedom, there is also the opportunity to earn as much as you want. That is why it is a convenient way for independent minded people to earn income.


In the modern era, most of the freelance work is done through the internet. As a result, freelance professionals can earn by working from home. Many people earn more from conventional jobs through this profession, but it is relative. Being an internet based job, this profession gives an opportunity to get acquainted with thousands of clients from home and abroad. Due to which at present students and many employees are coming in this profession.


At present, outsourcing is the third field of earning foreign exchange in Bangladesh. Freelancing is a huge multi-billion dollar market.


What is outsourcing:

Just think, you have a company, you need to make some posters, now what do you do? Be sure to contact any printing company or people who do such work. Now a question why aren't you doing it yourself? The answer is that you know nothing about this. But if you were going to do the job then what things would you need.


You need a good graphics designer.

A printing press was needed.

You would need a cutting machine.

In general, you can make your own poster. How much would it take for you to make 2000 posters? But if you pay someone else who does this kind of work to them, they will do your job very easily. This is a kind of outsourcing. Getting a company's job done with another company. To put it more simply, outsourcing is the work of someone else in another country through the internet. Hope you understand. 🙂


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