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UEFA instructed to start the European League


Image Credit: UEFA

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin has ordered the launch of the European League by May.

All football leagues in Europe are closed due to coronavirus. Giant clubs like Barcelona-Real Madrid are facing financial losses due to this. Ceferin thinks that if this financial loss continues to increase, there will be a big catastrophe. So he has instructed to start all the leagues by May.

Ceferin said all European leagues were closed at critical times. Of course, no one has a hand in natural disasters. But the clubs are going to face a big financial loss. In order to prevent this loss from increasing, the league has to start with alternative ideas.

Ceferin said letters had already been sent to 55 football organizations under UEFA. He said that they have been asked whether it is possible to start the league of their respective countries by May 25. After listening to their statements, we will sit in discussion. Then the next decision will be taken.

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