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Try to Arrive first


If you run your life through a fixed boundary, it does no harm but you can be safe but it lacks motivation. When you keep repeating a task in the same way over and over again you get the same result but successful are those who try to complete a task in different ways with courage.

Being different from everyone else and being known as such is one of the characteristics of human nature. This part of our personality can be noticed in both our personal and professional aspects. The power of a leader is demonstrated by how much a team can thrive under the leadership of its leader.

Try to be a "real model": Most of us are skeptical when it comes to dividing tasks, regardless of the characteristics of a leader. Some leaders express their arrogant attitude while others try to elevate their subordinates. For some leaders, the most important thing is to know the doctrines of their party members. We are all human beings. Only on the basis of action does a difference arise between us. Leaders solve situations and problems based on their own behavior, use, family characteristics, and morale. Respecting and helping their subordinates is one of their specialties. It's a leader Not a weakness. Leaders are inherently strongly advised to combine sweetness and make it possible. Through this his image became brighter.

It is said that Alexander was passing through a desert with his army, where they had to spend several days without water, except for a few days when little water was found but that was enough for one person, he refused to drink that water and said - "What is the benefit of drinking one's water when everyone is thirsty?"

Isn't it wrong for the emperor to think now? He advised the troops under his command to win the war from the largest to the largest. No one dared to ask him a question as to why he did not drink the water. But this incident gave a lot of motivation to his army. The leader should always show sympathy towards his team. But that empathy should never be seen as a lie or hypocrisy. Generosity can make any object more attractive. They become a source of confidence and strength in their own team strength and they also do their best to maintain that confidence. No matter how much knowledge a person has, it is impossible for him to do everything alone. If you share the task with your team members as they see fit, they will do their best to get it done. The consequences can be much more than you would like.

Reliance on others is the key to motivating him. A true leader will praise a worthy person in such a way that he will not be deceived by others. He has to get people from different mentalities to work and they each want to do things their own way. He has to try to maintain a good relationship between the members of the team so that they can work together in harmony instead of envying each other, for which he has to make an impact on the surrounding environment. A true leader acts in such a way that no harm is done to the mind of the other.

Professional attitudes:

Our attitude depends on how we feel. Ordering a person to change his behavior does not change it. Anyone who maintains his or her behavior because he or she thinks he or she has been able to see the face of success, so in order to change a person's behavior, leaders must first tell all people that they are trying to change their behavior just for the sake of action. This change is not on a personal level. Instead of writing or verbal conversations, leaders can successfully accomplish this task through successful performance. Successful leaders do not allow the self-esteem of any member of the masses to be hurt. This time the emphasis is on the nature of the action and its consequences.

It is made so that everyone accepts this judgment. You need to analyze it before you do it so that it is accessible to everyone. The creative and helpful advice of the leaders should be welcomed. They should talk about each other with a generous mind.

If some people can be respected and honored, they will accept any advice regarding change. Remember that you can always make a positive difference in any situation. Don't hesitate to take any positive advice for improvement, this is where you can get a willing helper instead of a reluctant helper. The behavior of a leader is also important enough to get the desired result.

The first lesson in time management:

It is very important for any leader to know time management. Unless a leader or team members understand the importance of time, they will also be unable to understand the importance of work and life. Although it is a process that you can easily assimilate. It also focuses on meeting the target within the time limit.

Creating a time table according to the time of a day does not mean time management. It also emphasizes the purpose of life.

You can divide the goals into 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C categories. First class activities will be one that will have a lasting impact on your life. Most successful people value this activity the most.

Second-class verbs are less important. But they have to be done, such as fetching vegetables from the market, attending a social event, packing clothes for the summer, etc. All these tasks are time consuming but they have to be completed.

Successful individuals area unit up to speed of just about each single situation. According to human nature, we try to do simple tasks most of the time, so most of the people start their day with third class work, gossip, checking e-mail three or four times, reading advertisements, etc. Although these tasks are the least important, they are already done. Just as the sound of the telephone draws our attention to it, so does the sudden arrival of a relative or salesman distract us and draw our attention to it. This type of work can be done later. This type of work can also be shared with others. For example, some people do not visit a relative without an appointment. Some have even ordered the secretary to send the salesmen, collectors or beggars out of the door.

Try to do the work that is most important to you at the beginning of the day with concentration. Try to complete specific tasks first instead of the tasks that will be done later. You can share tasks or evaluate them from time to time even if you don't have them. Spend 10 percent of your time working for third grade.

Starting gossip on the phone is the biggest problem. Many people go for a walk or run with a mobile phone in their ear in the morning, as if the mobile phone is closed and the existence of the world is over.

I have both lowline and mobile. I let the landline phones go to the undersiring machine and answer them in time. No one close to me knows my mobile number so my mobile phone rarely comes. If a stranger wants to talk to me on my mobile, I try to end the conversation with him in very few words. In this way I also get relief from the hands of bank agents etc. It is up to us to save our time by protecting ourselves from things like phone that are becoming a blessing and a curse.

We should not give more time than we need for any work. Time is the most valuable asset. The difference between money and time is that we can save money in the bank and get interest from it but time only has to be spent. It is important to prepare a list of what you need to do in a day. If you don't identify the important tasks, you won't understand them. Also set a time limit for work and try to get it done within that time. This will help increase productivity over time. By managing this way you will be able to increase the extra time even within 24 hours, which will make you happy and protect you from stress.

Get the right attitude:

In each case, you have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " It is our attitude that makes us optimistic or pessimistic. Even in a similar situation, the attitude of two people makes them bored or happy. It is true that no one can always be happy. But can you try to be happy in all situations? The pessimistic lakes should change attitudes towards batters, events and people.

We are sometimes harassed by six incidents. Sometimes it also spoils the mood of us and the people around us. The words that once seemed so heavy and terrible to us seem insignificant as a result of which the effect is lost at some point. The death of a family member can be a big blow but the wound heals over time.

We soon accepted it as a matter of destiny. A bad boss or spouse can take away your peace of mind but if you are patient you can find a way out.

There is a magic mechanism for escaping from any bad destiny, that is positivity and winning. Half of the problems are solved only by taking the right attitude. It is this attitude that makes the difference between victory and defeat. No one can win under any circumstances. But every circumstance can certainly benefit. With a positive attitude we are able to analyze any situation. But if there is a negative attitude, it is only about the obstacle, it can be trembling.

My friend had bypass surgery. He always talks about it and blames his own fate. In 2015, another friend had to undergo bypass surgery. And he forbade me to say anything to anyone. But I didn't even tell anyone about it. That always asked if I was okay. I would answer, I'm happy and perfectly fit.

One day he insisted that I hide something from him. I told Amita that moving about the past only adds to the sadness and at the same time affects the people around her.

I try to convince him that if we maintain a positive mindset, we will be able to adapt to any situation and be physically and mentally fit. I advised him to increase his inner strength by keeping his weakness within himself. This attitude can save any person from the biggest conflict. A depressing mood plunges us into the abyss of exhaustion and stress. Human history has been flooded many times, by floods, earthquakes and wars, and every time human power has won. Mentally, all individuals can overcome any bad situation and inspire themselves and others to succeed. People who want to win and brighten up their personality should always have a positive attitude so that the achievement is their own.

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