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If you want to reach the highest level in your case, increase your ability to make diagnoses as well as take long-term plans. Organizations that are only focused on their own business and do not focus on individual development do not have to face serious problems. The development of individuals like business development also plays an important role. No human being is born with experience. It is possible to gain experience through work. If something goes wrong, it is not possible to get the desired result, but people should not leave the company for it. Rather they should be well informed about the process, so that very good results can be expected. The government gives the opportunity to all the students who pass out from the university to get admission in IPSIAS and Foreign Service etc. They are trained to achieve the set objectives. When my friend was admitted to IPS. After 16 months of hard work, he had to work in various police departments. Then he belongs to the police subdivision of Bijapur district of Karnataka. I had a friend from whom I learned that he goes for training about three months of the year, so he completed everything. He said that he likes to do everything right, which makes it difficult for everyone. It was difficult to get him out of the job to get him out of the way so he was sent to training.

Although this does not happen in the case of the private sector, only those who can demonstrate here survive. They spend nothing to improve or develop people. It is true that small organizations can't spend much on training but can benefit from all the work done by other organizations. Although there are many differences between public and private institutions. There are some things that the government should pay for, such as rules and regulations for policing, justice, bridges and travel. It is not always a matter of profit in the head of the government but it is the biggest issue in the case of private sector.

However, both sides need the best organizational strength to maintain their objectives. A hardworking, resourceful and intelligent person is the key to success in any endeavor. Which is essential for enhancing the qualifications of any team.

There are some people who lose the desire to change themselves. The organization should be careful before selecting such people. When I was the director of CBI, I was fortunate to have a secretary who could not take dictation properly and could not even operate a computer. When I told her, she said she would retire in six months so she didn't want to learn anything new. I will retire. If I can learn to use a computer, why can't he? Without improving his skills, he takes leave until retirement and stays at home.

He realized that he had been relieved of an unwilling employee. There are many government employees who do not want to do or learn anything. They don't need anything but they get paid without any work.

All success lies behind determination and hard work. We have to take responsibility for our own work. If you increase your knowledge about important fields, it will be useful for you. If you know what to do and how to do it, you will be able to. There needs to be a conducive working environment for any individual and organization. When individuals receive support from both the process and the organization, their qualifications are further enhanced and the whole team works in groups to reach the goal of the organization. Success is not far off from this type of organization.

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