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The foundation of success



Let me tell you a story:

He was a surgeon by profession. His daughter is getting married. He greets the guests. At that time the phone rang. The other end of the phone was heard, doctor, a man injured in the accident is bleeding. We approached other doctors in town, but no one was found. If you don't come here immediately, the injured man cannot be saved. ' What should the bride's father do now? He left.

Does this mean he loves his daughter less? No, it's not. Decisions become easier when our values are clean. Of course all the time the decision may not be easy.

Moral integrity:

It is nobler to combine honesty with morality. Moral integrity is a commitment to the highest standards of moral values. Moral honesty is the power to distinguish between right and wrong. Morally honest people are unhesitatingly honest. Morally honest people Maintains special values in behavior, maintains faith and endangers one's own life. However, he respects everyone around him. They never compromise on moral integrity for worldly reasons. He remains steadfast and self-confident in his decisions.

The role of air is very much to survive in life. The air we carry is for breathing. Moral behavior can be compared to it. Air is important in our lives. But we do not realize the importance of air until we have difficulty breathing. Similarly, we do not accept moral behavior as eternal until we lose moral conduct in our lives and become victims of immorality.

We should all work properly to make life beautiful and joyful. Because doing the right thing builds confidence in us. Through the practice of moral integrity we find meaning in life. Our lives are then fully reflected in all perceptions, clean values and moral decisions. Which achieves proper success.

And the simplest decision in life is made by focusing on him. Which makes it difficult to decide the difference between 'correct' and 'more accurate'. The accuracy of high accuracy and the accuracy of low accuracy are determined by the choice between 'accuracy' and 'greater accuracy'.


Now let's talk about a robber.

One robber made a lot of illegal assets. One day the robber said to a famous teacher, 'How can I be happy? I have a lot of money. Five or seven thieves obey me all the time. Yet I know why I feel incomplete and empty. '

Hearing this, the teacher took the man to the foot of the hill. He pointed to three large stones and told the robber to carry the stones and follow him along the hill.

At that time the robbers could not walk on the weight of three stones. So he said, 'I can't follow you with such a heavy burden. I'm in trouble. ' Then the teacher told the robber to throw a stone. After going some distance the robbers could not walk on the hill with two stones. Then the teacher told him to throw the second stone and thus the third.

This time he could easily follow the robber teacher up the hill.

Then the teacher addressed the robber and said, 'Deviation from the right path of justice gives birth to school conscience. Happiness cannot be achieved by school conscience, just as you could not climb a mountain with a heavy stone load. ' Opposition to values gives birth to gross conscience, increases stress and creates insecurity. Prolonged neglect leads to death of conscience. The dead conscience gradually became a school like the stone of the story. Life then becomes a burden. Happiness is not available for this. The feeling of happiness is not so simple.

Co-existence of conscience and moral civilization: Now let's talk about a teacher.

A teacher was taking exams in her class. While the teacher was listening to her correct answer to identify the students' answers, one of the examinees changed an answer in the answer sheet. The incident turned out to be that the examinee changed what the teacher had just said and the teacher took it.

The examinee raised his hand and asked the teacher, what should I do about changing the answer?

The teacher replied, 'Ask your conscience.'

I consider the passive voice of the heart to be the only oppressor in the world. And so we have to keep our hearts awake all the time. You have to ask him. Conscience will give the correct answer.

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