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The dream of winning


We all have to face small hacks or big challenges in life. Competition is a difficult thing for you, it may not matter to others. Losing 10$ per day can be a huge loss for a person earning 6$. Wealthy people can only spend this money as a tip. Five people left the money after having dinner of 100$. They will try to compensate even if half of the money is lost. Any competition (be it hacked or unwanted) should be done with gusto. My friend Randeep used to work in an international agency in Assam, but her boss Matte had no advantage. He gets salary and allowance at the right time to be a government employee but the employees of international agencies get a lot of money so there was a dawn. I told him that he had no choice but to work with the boss because the boss, like his parents, would not replace them. He has to deal with it himself, I told him that if he does the best he can, he will get good results. He will be able to do much more than what he is thinking. I told him that experience is our guide, that experience is sometimes good but sometimes bad. I also tell him that we sometimes win and sometimes we lose.


But if we can enlarge our minds, then every experience enriches us. Our energy increases whenever we rise above stereotypes to do something. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you're a techie who knows what he's doing.


But if it continues to work, it creates a fancy outcome.


What seems impossible becomes possible and is associated with success. So the work that you can do does not take time to reach the goal if you keep trying. Any task seems impossible at first. Keep up the good content about the things that are happening around you or about people and things and accept it with that attitude in mind. With this realization you can get any receipt. No one takes the zoom in optimism. Like other habits of life, it has to be learned. Through practice we can take on anything in life. A lot of times you feel bored and frustrated, talk to optimistic people at that time. Listen to them and try to figure out where they got this vision from. To be optimistic one has to look at life from a different perspective. How we view the outside world depends on our judgments about the world, events, and attitudes. How we view and analyze events, places, and events related to the past, future, and present depends on our judgment and thinking. Everything we see or think is in the path.


The inner strength of the optimistic lakes gives them the ability to endure the magic of happiness and sorrow. The pessimists always imagine the situation from bad to worse but the optimists know that one day everything will be fine. If the Wright brothers did not have confidence in themselves, they would not be able to go from being a bicycle mechanic to inventing a plane today. The church at the time said that only angels could fly, and most of the people believed this.


You can easily turn your happiness into indifference. Pessimistic people are in a slightly worse situation.


This kind of exhausting book is reluctant to imagine and the irritated people are also desperate to see the headlines of the newspaper. Many of them were shocked to think of what had happened in their childhood. Optimism and pessimism can give different colors to your life. You have to make your mind up what you wish to be.


Optimists don't think an accident is permanent, they think it will go away soon and never come back. Pessimists think that accidents are inextricably linked to their lives. This is true even with good events. If you expect good events, you will get good news. You just ought to be additional discriminating with the assistance you render toward others.


Optimists always keep the life cycle moving. Despite their conflicts and complications, they can increase and eliminate fatigue. Their bodies are much better than those of depressed people. Because they think that you can rise above it.


A friend of mine shared his life story with me. He said: "I never had to seem back. The Green Revolution changed the fortunes of the peasants. I would be ashamed to admit that I used to graze buffaloes and bathe in canals." Because I too was influenced by my father's optimism and positivity. As a result, I can still laugh at any misfortune. "


To be optimistic, one must be free from negative thoughts and judgment. It is not that optimists do not have to face death, divorce or defeat, but their difference with others is that they fall and get back on their feet and quickly start moving towards the goal. They don't wait for Kaur.


They never blame themselves for their failures. Waiting after the fall is nothing but a waste of time. Get up and start running again. This is especially true for optimists. We can accept this attitude if we wish.


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