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The Costume of Success



I also get a little surprised at the kind of people I meet and the clothes they wear. This includes politicians, bureaucrats and the general public. At first sight, people think about you. I went to see a doctor, who looked very unwell and he was carrying at least 10 kilograms, his clothes were stained and they were pale. If I have to go to a doctor, I will go to a doctor who wears clean clothes and always has a smile on his face. I told my wife that I needed more treatment from this doctor. If a counselor has a big beard on his face, seeing him will not have a good effect on our minds. People should wear clothes according to their profession because I will think twice before giving money to a person wearing very worn clothes.

People who wear very nice clothes have confidence inside. Their merits are evident from their use. They are aware of what they will do. If a person can focus on himself, he will also take care of the services provided to his customers and them.

Looking at a person, we can decide in a minute or two whether we like him or not. In 2004, my friend was a member of UPSC's Personality Test Board, where the dress of the examinees helped them to make their first impression. The whole board is more than anyone.

Before giving the number, pay special attention to it. Most people make a guess about you and your outfit through your clothes.

People who still wear loose clothing according to the old style, most people do not have a good opinion about them. This creates a misconception not only about this person but also about his organization.

One of my colleagues, who claims to be a beautician, wears make-up to hide the sagging skin of his face, he wears heeled heels, a short skirt and a pendant that looks like "old horse red bridle". Many of my friends criticize what kind of beautician she is. And they also said that he should be a little professional. Many women also feel a little hesitant to talk to him or take any advantage of him.

A few days ago my daughter went to the doctor and came back from there and said that the doctor looked sick, his clothes were stained and smelled. According to him, the book will listen to the doctor who can not take care of himself properly? Because he needs his own treatment. We interact with different people in this way and form an opinion about them. We immediately form an idea about whether he can do business with her or what his qualifications are. There is a deep connection between your image and success.

We always have to work hard to bring about a better change in our situation. People look at your clothes and decide whether you should ignore them or not.

It is up to us to decide whether our words will be appreciated or not. As a result, our self-confidence decreases or becomes stronger.

Dressing beautifully is also a special art. In fact, even a sixty-five or seventy year old wants to keep himself young through make-up. A well-dressed smart person who can present himself in a good way can attract other people like a magnet.

When you like yourself, your mind will be better

Now I pay full attention to that and never see anyone wearing bad clothes. I understand that it is very important to be successful and to be successful. In order to be qualified, it is very important to present oneself competently. No matter what you try to save, you must spend some money on clothes. This will probably benefit you so much that you will never be able to imagine it. According to Shakespeare, "People can be inferred from clothes." You can recognize any pastor, saint or policeman by looking at his clothes. In the same way, our lives and careers depend a lot on our dress and grooming.

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