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If you want to change or try to change your livelihood, first of all ask yourself, what was wrong with your previous livelihood? Try to think clearly about what happened last time. Never blame others. If you do, you will be unable to find a real livelihood. Don’t blame the previous boss or office to your new boss.

Don't take any livelihood interview lightly. You should think a little about that interview in advance. Ask your friend to interview you, monitor your speaking style or answering style. If you don't know the answer to a question, accept it honestly instead of cheating. Because the experts who are there have the power to test you.

Once in an interview a competitor tried to deceive me about his own merits and abilities but the whole thing was leaked as soon as the next question came up, and he admitted that he had lied to me in the previous question.

If you look sick, you will fail to form an optimistic or inspiring image. You have to look at your body first. Because without it you can gain nothing in life. Maybe you are employed in the job you got earlier there are, of course, relationships with people involved in your work. Meet them from time to time.

Try to live a routine life, in which you must set aside time for yourself and exercise. There is a reward for every work. If you work hard, you will definitely get promoted, if you exercise, your body will be fine. If you want to win, try to maintain the policy.

This world is going on in collaboration with each other. No one can succeed on his own. We all depend on each other for our own development, promotion and progress. If people don't work for a boss, how can he be a boss? Staff are needed to reach their goals. The child grows up with the help of his parents and the parents take shelter with the child in old age. Newborn leaders come out with the support of senior leaders and the senior leaders are saved by the voters and financial support. It's a good idea to have a list of your helpers. You also need to be aware of the people who can hurt you. After making this list, try to avoid all the people who want to push you back or put pressure on you forever. Take things slowly and try not to focus too much on the problems.

According to Rann Hubbard, “Always give your strength to the one on whose strength you depend. It could mean a lot of money for this force or it could be a critique for building a resistance. If you can take the other person's strength and send him to do a lot of work through him, your strength will increase and your power will expand, it is never possible by one alone. ”

Some people, even in the case of office workers, do not like to do small things, such as movie actors never catch the spotlight. But there are some people who always cooperate with the boss in any way Be prepared to do. The boss shares his success with the people who really help him.

If you belong to a group of people who are busy cutting with their hands, you must look for a new job. There are some people who do not help the boss in his difficult times. They fail to show their worth to the boss. And these are the kind of people who have to face financial crisis or quit their jobs in dire circumstances.

On the other hand you can please your boss by showing your work. He will surely give you promotion, a little independence, responsibility and opportunity. I was the director of the Youth Service in Kontik. I had the name of the secretary there, Manjula, she used to come first in the morning and go home after everyone. He didn't have to ask for a second time for any work. I couldn't do anything for this best employee of mine, I was really sorry for that. Once I read about the rules, I saw that one of the staff could be made an officer. I immediately decided to make him an officer. This could not have happened without my permission and I did it without any hesitation. If you give the boss a little peace of mind and confidence that the work is done, he will definitely do something for you. Don't say bad things to anyone, God knows when, where, who gets involved in your work. Always be ready to help each other to build good relationships and goodwill.

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