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Steve Smith is not playing in the third Test


![f97838a9ffa0c6a9e5203b2adb1bba0f.jpg]( Source Australia top order batsman steven smith has been dismissed from the headingley test. Cricket australia did not put him in the third test squad as he did not recover from the concussion. He was given two weeks rest to fully recover. Instead on the fifth day of the lords test he will play in the third test in the history of the first concussion in the history of cricket and will play in the third test at murnas labushan. Steven smith suffered a neck injury in a horrific delivery of Jofra archer on the fourth day of the lords test. Smith fell to the ground with his arms around his neck. Then both parties doctors and medical staff came to smith serve. He left to the field on the shoulders of medical staff when knowledge returned. However an hour later the bat returned to the field again. Everyone became very optimistic about him. But the next morning smith woke up with a headache and discomfort in the neck. On the fifth day he was no longer on the field. He replaced labashan in the new ICC rules. Smith of course was expected to recover before the third Test. He also came to the practice field with the team today. But did not practice. When the team finished practice the team doctor and coach talked to smith and decided not to add him to the third test squad. But smith is expected to return to the old trafford test after two weeks of rest. ![vcommunion post cover image3.png](

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