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Many times people say to stick to the current situation but it is very difficult to keep up. The biggest way to find happiness is to let it sit on its own, but it is very difficult to observe one at first. Some people are afraid of the future and some people are stuck with the past in their chests. After considering all the good and bad things, find a way to get rid of them. This way you will have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

Whenever you have a bad thought, ask yourself, is this the last way to escape? Write down how you can handle it. We cannot change or correct anything by crying for the past or thinking for the future. So instead try to think about how many of your past thoughts were unfounded. Believe in yourself that in the end everything will be fine because he is with all of us. Try to live with the present or today by focusing on something beautiful or positive.

Believe that the future will be good for you and forget the bitterness of the past. This is the current survival process. Always focus on your goals. This is the creative process to get rid of the problem. Use positivity with yourself and show positive effects. Remember that there are not always bad times. Try to be what you really want to be by gradually increasing your success.

Try to enhance your personality, outlook, self-confidence and quality of life at any cost. If you are involved in debt try to increase your professional self-reliance so that you can get rid of debt quickly.

Time is a very valuable asset so use it wisely. You get leverage to grow your business quicker. If I am happy, then that happy boy can be seen in dealing with family members. One of my cousins ​​Ram Singh hurts the family for business failure. When he informs me of his difficulties and asks me for advice, I say, try to go to work happily for a whole week. She later told me that her changes had led to many changes in her family and business. He also says that his efforts have had a positive effect on the people he meets at work. The changed outlook changed his life.

Here are some of the reasons why our work is delayed and we cannot complete all the work despite our desire. Try to find out for yourself whether the excuse you are giving is true or false. This way you can easily get your own receipt. Time All the successful and unsuccessful people in this world, known and unknown, are busy twelve months of the year, seven days a week or 24 hours a day. Most of these people do not reach their goal. This happens due to lack of concentration in one's life and work. They are not aware of the importance of their own receipt. You have to decide what you want. We have to save ourselves from the excuse of blaming ourselves for our failures.

  1. What to do, no time.

  2. I am very busy.

  3. Do not rush any work.

  4. Losing the path of meditation.

  5. There is a lot of work ahead. 6. Not having the courage to start work.

  6. I'll do it later. 4. Waiting for the right and proper time.

  7. I will finish the work in a hurry.

  8. Must do important work.


There are many people who blame others for their misfortunes. We can all blame each other. It is up to us to cry or to take care of ourselves under the pressure of mental and physical illness. We can avoid the words that we are constantly talking about and help to make the surrounding environment better. E.g.-

  1. Criticism and self-torture - even if I clean them, they get dirty.

  2. This is not my headache.

  3. I did not plant, but why should I plant?

  4. The baby's house must be empty.

  5. My upbringing has been in awkwardness and naughtiness.

  6. Why do I always work?

  7. I don't like to do it.

  8. What do you think of me as an asshole?

  9. I have never had this kind of problem, so the solution is mine Not known.

  10. It's an unnecessary thing but sometimes it can be useful.

It doesn't look good to give to someone because it was a gift from someone.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which furniture to keep and which to throw away. A lot of times I find myself in conflict with it. Sometimes I think I bought it with money, why throw it, it will be needed later, but why buy it now? The only consequence of all this thinking is that people like me or I put in front of some things that are useless year after year. There are some movies and audio cassettes in my study that I haven't heard in many years. One day I sold those items as rubbish but instead I got a lot of empty space.

About 2/3 newspapers and magazines come to my house.

Sometimes I give these magazines to a bookstore or to a reader, they like to read them. This is the way to get rid of this kind of thing in everyday life. You may think that you need to read it, what is the harm in it, or it will not be right to give.

I used to think so, but believe me, after getting rid of this kind of thing, you will remember these things. Ani, lack confidence or try to get out of the hands of a stubborn car. If you do something for yourself or spend money on yourself, there is nothing to be ashamed of, learn to respect yourself. Learn to respect yourself before others respect you.

Sometimes buying gifts for yourself is not a bad thing. Never think that you can spend your life in any situation. A calm and stress-free life can change the course of your life. Find out who you can count on. Then try to figure out how much you have to pay and pay. Overcome the fear of the unknown and look at time management. You have to deal with the two issues of 'late' and 'late'. Who wrote in his book Precastanets Guide to Satness

If you'll be able to avoid being unnecessarily late, your life are happier as a result of you'll be able to end your previous job and awaken your selection for a brand new job.

If you neglect a task, its thoughts, diagnoses and stress affect your future. Then instead welcome Ramanchakata with an open mind.

It's a very simple way - "Not now, never" Your future depends on what you decide today. Decide for yourself however vital it's to you. Whatever you do, do it with the mind. Which you could never even imagine.

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