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Some rules for moving forward


There is no problem that cannot be solved. Many times we panic and become discouraged because of the problem. At this time it became very necessary to analyze the problem through a positive attitude with a calm and simple mindset. Many times the problem is solved through a new or different perspective. It should also be noted that some things can be changed by our own efforts but sometimes we need to seek the help of others.

Instead of thinking, we need to think about how to get rid of the problem. Whenever we are worried, we try to judge the good and the bad. Thus no solution is possible. If we can increase confidence, the way we work changes and we can move forward.

No one's life flows at a calm and easy pace. There are obstacles on our feet and we have to deal with it. One should find a way out of this as soon as possible. To be successful in life, we have to focus on these efforts, strengths and endeavors, because these are the things that will help us in one way or another. People get the opportunity to move forward with the right strategy.

The strength of personality and commitment can be seen by looking at commitment and our situation. We keep our promises to each other Need to keep. Because if someone makes a promise to us, we expect it to be fulfilled. If that person does not keep his promise, all our hopes are dashed. Our attitude towards this person becomes bad and we lose faith in him. Never build a promise that you just cannot keep. Never make false promises to make even small children happy. Kids recognize this behavior very easily and they think it is to break the promise of adults, they never keep their promise.

Promising to give ice cream to a child may be a small thing for you but this promise is very important for children. Maybe they have been waiting for the evening all day. Breaking promises can hurt the mind of any adult or child. Our subordinates or children follow us. In the same way you have to do your best to maintain professional commitment.

When we promise someone to complete a task within a certain time, it means that he believes he has handed over the task to us. When a person disobeys a word in terms of profession, it has an effect on all actions and leaves Lake to believe in him. Whenever you make a promise, try to make it your own.

If small promises are not fulfilled then there is not much difficulty. But if you make it a habit to break promises in this way, the lakes will have room for doubt in your faith, honesty, and ability to act. The same is true in the social sphere.

Commitment is very important in all three areas, family, social and professional. When a person who is unable to keep his promises keeps making false promises over and over again, he becomes a laughing stock for everyone. That's why you have to be careful about this and make promises that you will be able to keep easily.

Before making a commitment, make sure you have enough time and energy to keep it. Every person has their own limits and they have to recognize and recognize their mother. No matter how bad the situation is Never make unrealistic promises. If you are unable to keep your promises. In this case, try to explain to the person you promised (whether he is a child, an old man, a friend or a colleague) the exact reason for breaking the promise.

If you are always able to keep your promise, but sometimes it goes wrong and if you do not apologize for it, then everyone will think that it is not possible to trust you. Not only adults but also children can understand this well. You also need to make them aware of the real situation so that they have confidence in you, try to keep your promises at the right time.

We face this kind of attitude every day. My servant took a nice day off and never came back for a few weeks. I endured for a few days but later explained to him that it was possible to spend without him.

One of my personal secretaries, Hemant Chaube, often goes home without telling me. I told him that if he did this again he would have to find a new job. Remember not to indulge all the time. Once a person can live with empathy but again and again his false story does not go away.

Repeat what you see and it applies to your daily life. If you don't keep your promises, don't think that others will keep their promises. Because these people will treat you the same as you do. They'll think you always do, but why not? If you expect others to keep their promises, then keeping your promises also becomes necessary.

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