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Every person buys something every day or every month. He has to pay the bill for this. It is very important to make the payment of bills as simple and smooth as possible. Credit card receipts and bills that you have not paid for. Put them in a certain place. You can also save them in a file. My daughter likes to keep these kinds of papers in an envelope. I have a transparent folder through which bills and receipts can be seen.

Mark your home calendar for billing. At present most of the cash is paid but nowadays young men and women use credit cards. I like to spend as much money as I have in my pocket. Decide one or two days in the month on which you will submit all the bills. If you have to pay a lot of bills, mark the days on the calendar. If you wish, you can deposit money one day in advance, so that all the work can be done in one day. Some people deposit your bills instead of a small amount of money. You can easily take advantage of this. Mark the amount you need to pay on the bill and give them a pen checkbook, calculator, strapper and credit card receipt. If there is a lack of space, you can keep them in a small box.

Be a little careful about depositing money for a Costaga credit card because you will have to pay for the delay. Many times I could not pay my credit card bills within the stipulated time due to excessive workload and as a result I had to pay compensation. Now I pay enough attention to these aspects. For example, there was a public notice in the newspaper, through which I learned that I had to pay taxes for the house.

You can also note these things on your computer. It will save a lot of time and you will also have a record.

Also, look at the bank statement to see if you have enough money in your account when depositing money. We all rely entirely on computers but should be a little more careful about money. I ordered my secretary to record all these documents in the computer and put them on the CD. Let's make it. Fridge, TV And there is a guarantee period for expensive things like music systems. It is very important to keep these receipts before the end of the guarantee period. If there are insurers on them, it is more necessary to handle those papers. I keep my special papers in the bank locker. It is better to keep all these papers xeroxed.

If there is a bill to be paid by post, send it within the stipulated time. Don't leave this matter to the last minute. If you hear the news of bill submission, try to submit it. If you are late, it will be even later. I pay full attention to this so that it does not arise in my head. You too can find any effective mechanism for yourself.

If your credit card bill has been paid, The money is gone from the bank for him, but don't increase the clutter by keeping those bills in order. Destroy these types of receipts by omitting some paperwork. Banks located in big cities now offer the facility to submit your bill and you get occasional statements about it. This way you can save time and get rid of the hassle of submitting checks. Many prefer to submit bills through internet or electronic process. You will need to provide a letter of approval to withdraw this money from the bank account. Regardless of the process you take, you must mention the amount in the checkbook. There is a possibility of fraud in depositing money through internet and for this reason money should be deposited thoughtfully.

Many department stores also have credit card facilities. Be careful before accepting this type of credit card for free. Think about whether you need this card. The lower the number of credit cards, the less the burden of the bag will be and you will be able to pay the bill very carefully.

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