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People deprived of proper values



Employers and employees:

Buyers and coworkers can be talked about. Husband and wife and children trade lies. When he came to work, he hid some things and took them home; Pray for personal meetings at work. Do they benefit? If a man hides food and equipment in a bag, he is called a thief. Such despicable and paperwork If we keep ourselves busy at work, what can people think of us? Certainly not a good idea.

Strong conviction in values The best resistance to the erosion of our moral strength In everyday life we are faced with situations where we have to compromise on moral values. It does not increase their self-esteem but decreases it. This situation makes their compromise path easier. Personal values and professional values are not the same thing.

Our sin-virtue, laziness-hard work, good-evil and righteousness-hypocrisy are not in the same position. The power of inspiration for self-esteem and a just life must be refrained from thinking of values as commodities. Protecting values is a process. Respect increases, not decreases. Perseverance:

Perseverance in character is an important issue. Perseverance is value-based behavior. Repeating the same behavior all the time is not perseverance. ‘Perseverance’ means to behave equally in the same situation. Perseverance creates dependence. A person who behaves in ten ways in ten different situations loses confidence and becomes dependent. Different behaviors in different situations are called ‘behaviors of unstable nature’. No one believes such a person. Persistence in behavior conveys the meaning of values. Perseverance helps to avoid confusion. Perseverance evaluates events before reaching a conclusion.


Our character is related to dignity. Character is the sum of many qualities that reflect values. Honesty, integrity, religion, conscience, loyalty, mental fortitude, courage are the special qualities of our character. The composite result of character traits. Character is not a product. It cannot be used externally.


Human integrity is not determined by rank or occupation. Behavior determines righteousness. The difference between right and wrong is characteristic of righteousness.

We need courage in the pursuit of the ideal. The combination of perseverance and perseverance creates an atmosphere of honorable life. A person with integrity is a soldier. Righteousness also makes people brave.

Good leaders firmly believe in injustice as a way of life.

Former United States President Abraham Lincoln was an accomplished lawyer. Once a person specifically asked him to take a lawsuit. After hearing the details, Abraham Lincoln said, 'Your lawsuit is technically correct, but weak in principle. When I sincerely review the matter, I say to myself, 'Lincoln, you are a liar. I don't understand myself. I am hesitant. '

The meaning of Abraham Lincoln's unspoken words is clear. You can sell during your career, but you can't sell your conscience. The statement is worth mentioning again and again. Chastity creates our sense of security and trust. Absolute sleep is in a healthy conscience. Righteousness is the conscience of life. Dealing with the situation in a dishonest or unjust way creates problems. The problem is created by a vicious circle from which there is no other way to go.

Problems can be tackled through the practice of righteousness in our daily lives. And so a person who compromises on values loses respect for himself in addition to losing respect for others. The lack of justice cannot be filled by any mental or physical incompetence. The undeclared best quality of man is righteousness. If the world were to observe me, I would act the way I do - the answer to this message is an explanation of dependence on values. It can be easily understood with a little thought.

Courage required to practice righteousness:

Wisdom and justice create strength in us. By this power we can have dignity and survival. Wisdom is a branch of the mind that helps a person to achieve the desired results. Wisdom is the knowledge displayed in time. Wisdom is the product of the brain and the heart. Knowledge guides the path of courage.

Wisdom is the abundance of common sense:

Let me tell you a story.

Once refused to give his signature on a causal form. It was mentioned in this form that the goods mentioned in the form are similar to the goods stored. Because he did not want to sign the form without searching. Because giving testimonials of goods without searching means accepting responsibility. And to verify any mistake or myth as true.

As a result, his rogue caretaker became angry. His goal was to quickly understand the responsibility of working elsewhere with testimonials. There is a smell of deceit here.

The shopkeeper almost dropped the causal signature. Although he was afraid of being harmed by his superiors if he did not sign, he had a thought in his mind that signature should not be given without investigation. Moreover, he knew that the caretaker was corrupt.

A later search revealed that 50 per cent of the stock had disappeared. If he bowed his head to the coward, he would have to sign and then he would be in danger. He was even fired and fined. Karinik's behavior was moral and wise. Moreover, his behavior was courageous. A corrupt official had to take the responsibility of helping if the signature was given. Incidentally, the matter came to the notice of a senior official. The man is promoted and rewarded for courage and honesty. We need to keep in mind that seeing and hearing something that is right means that we lack faith. The above example proves that just wanting to do something right is not enough.

We verify ourselves by our will. But the real world judges us by works. The Bible says that 'good will makes the way to heaven'. There must be an urge of good will behind any work. We do not accept values just because they are incidental. We accept values following the biographies and other role models of our parents. We can live very well because these primary education acts as a strong guide in us from childhood. Everything we do in adulthood works like a pure feeling relying on the teaching of values in the pre-formation period. It benefits us a lot.

Honesty or deception:

One man is lying in bed. He then made a vow to his God that if he recovered and survived, he would sell his beautiful palace and give the money to the poor. Then miraculously the man began to recover and in the end he recovered completely and became completely healthy.

This time the promise came to his mind. But he did not want to leave his beautiful home. He made a plan. He decided to sell the house for just one silver coin. He bet he would buy the house for 1 million He also has to buy his dog. Soon a buyer was found. The man sold the house, put 100,000 million in his pocket, and donated silver coins. Doesn't this prove that we resort to cunning? Who are we pretending to be? Facing temptation is a real test of honesty.

It is true, however, that the man in the story kept his promise to God. But in spite of keeping his promise, he broke the moral aspect of it. Morality could not be kept in the balance of honesty.

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