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An ancient story:

At that time Yudhisthira was the king. The brave and just King Yudhisthira decided that since he had spent many days in the mortal world, he would pass away. He was accompanied by his wife Draupadi and four brothers. A faithful dog followed them. After a long and troublesome journey, Yudhisthira reached the gates of heaven. His wife and four brothers were on their way. Yudhisthira was told to walk through the door. But he refused to enter heaven without his family. The god Indra explained in detail, 'Long ago his family arrived in heaven waiting for him inside.'

Yudhisthira almost accepted the invitation to enter heaven. Then he realized that his dog was not allowed to follow him to the main door. Yudhisthira was determined not to abandon the animal that had faithfully followed him. God Indra. Couldn't believe why Yudhisthira was refusing to go to heaven just for a dog.

When asked to explain his decision, Yudhisthira politely replied that the faithful and loyal dog had followed him in all respects. And so he can't be a traitor to her. The gods were pleased with his answer. What was later revealed was that the dog was not very common. The dog wanted to test Yudhisthira in the guise of religion. Yudhisthira succeeded in this test.

Loyalty certainly gives birth to fidelity. Just as the tree is as strong as its root, so faithfulness is an indicator of steadfast character. Loyalty calls for readiness to give up. Loyalty is a quality that creates hope in all family, spouses, friends, employers and employees. Feel the urge to integrate fidelity into all relationships. Loyalty is an attitude and a process.

Whom will we be faithful to today? We will remain faithful to our values. No one can work in the same organization unless the value process is homogeneous between the individual and the organization. Either the value process needs to change or the organization needs to change. Not only that. Family members cannot live together unless the value system is identical. We either need to change the value process, or we need to change the family. Individuals and organizations are perishable. Value-based behaviors, on the other hand, are long-lasting. It does not easily decay or get lost.

External criteria:

Christians are not guardians of the Ten Commandments described in the Bible. The Ten Commandments therefore lay the groundwork for clear standards of moral conduct.

Here are some of the ten special provisions discussed:

  1. Not to steal anyone's belongings.

  2. Do not cheat in any way.

  3. Not giving any false testimony.

  4. Respect for parents

The universal appeal of the Ten Commandments means culture and civilization. Ten provisions have been taught throughout the historical period.


Many of us have the idea that if a burglary takes place behind the eyes of a person, it is not really a burglary.

It has become a universal practice for a person not to own that thing, but to take it away and then justify the behavior. Let me tell you a story.

I once bought a dozen razors for sale at a grocery store for ৬ 7.96. While passing the cash counter, a causal razor was checked and the price was 11.95 shillings. I wrote down the price carefully. So I told Karanik that his test was wrong. It will cost 8.95 shillings. Called the causal manager to resolve the matter. The manager wanted to see where I had picked up this razor.

Where the razor was kept and the price was fixed at 7.9 shillings. Seeing that, he verified his statement and said that the packet was placed in the wrong place by mistake. Its exact value is 11.95 shillings.

Since they were wrong, I wanted to pay the price. But causal

Courtesy wanted to give me the razor. Then I left thanking him.

I described the incident at a social gathering. But frustratingly, the first reaction I noticed was: 'Next time, I'll probably drop the high-priced BRAC product in the store and leave it on a low-priced rack without paying any price.

Now put yourself in the judge's seat and ask, will the matter be honorable? That is certainly not to be expected. The same thing

Some people think that possession and ownership are the same thing. Just because the object is in my possession does not mean that it is mine. Similarly, according to anyone, possession means ownership. Possession of the object does not mean that the object is his.

In the same sense, it seems fair that the cashier mistakenly pays the extra rent without refund and does not pay the price for the food that the distributor mistakenly did not mention in the bill. In fact, it is not always fair.

A similar incident can be seen in an incident of a young woman.

The young woman told her friends that she was a pair for the mistake of the shoplifter. Got shorts for free. He didn't want his price because he didn't notice the reason. The young woman also did not feel any urge to pay the price. His idea is that he has benefited from Taranik's mistake.

Theft of baggage is not just called theft. Leaking any of his information to the employer's competitor can also be called theft. Giving false notifications is another type of theft. If someone takes office things without the embezzlement without the knowledge of his employer. He can also be called 'Steling'.

Many bring their own work to the office. Doing any personal work during office work can also be called theft. Failure to pay on time is also called theft. The burglar could not be identified. This does not mean that he has escaped the responsibility of stealing.

Allowing young boys and girls to see forbidden pictures and thus distorting their minds can also be called theft. The practice of stealing has dire consequences.

Things that are not acquired or cannot be bought or received as gifts or inherited, nor can anyone be responsible for their ownership. Adrup believes that what is kept in trust needs to be returned. Because it does not have proprietary rights. The difference between a loan and a burglary is that the loan is related to the owner's consent and knowledge, but not in the case of theft.


Imagine for a moment that you were transferred to the Earl functional-driven world. The same principle applies to everyone, not just a doctor, but a lawyer, a teacher, and a manager.

No one promised that our current life would be easier. Life will be easier if things are good. We have to do our best when we are in a bad situation. When the body is exhausted, the heart is burdened, the body is sick, that is the only condition of hard labor. To overcome this condition we need mental strength. We all have it.

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