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Make sure you take every plan of your life for granted. Most of the time we have a lot of doubts about what we want to do. There is only one way to overcome this fear, think for yourself what you want to do. We must have a clear idea of the alternatives that lie ahead. Whatever decision you make, make sure the address is correct, then make a diagnosis and get to work. My friend IPSA. After being appointed, he spent his life in government accommodation. The thought of having to build a new house after retirement never crossed my mind. Later I realized that I had to make a decision soon. I decided to take fat in Dwarika according to my budget. I could have taken it to Gurgaon, Noida or Faridabad but after thinking for a few days I realized that there are many facilities available in Delhi very easily.

If we want to make a change in our performance or alternative path, then we are the ones who deserve the best. In that case, it is not so easy.

A lot of people come to us and they react to something or other. We look at the person's words according to our own preferences.

I look at the words of the people. This happens to us when we go to others. Notice that someone is sharing their own thoughts or goals with you? If they share thoughts, you should be careful about that. A thinker is always sensitive. You should think a little while answering you.

Keep this in mind when talking to children. If children are scared to see the darkness or stop magic and panic, try to convince them with love. You can also share some information while explaining them. One day my grandson Danish asked me, is there really anything called a ghost? I tell her it's just a fantasy but she doesn't believe it. I told him to show me the place where the ghost is. She took me to the dark bathroom. I turned on the lights and showed him every corner, there was no one there. He says the ghost is hiding behind a tree. I told him to take me to that tree. Then I showed him that there was nothing there. He took me to all these places where he seemed to have ghosts, he couldn't see anything, then he believed that there were no ghosts.

Instead of trying to persuade children, try to persuade them with arguments and talk to them in a loving way. My wife often tells me that I don't listen to her. Our kids have grown up and they have gotten married too, there are only two of us in the house, that's why I keep the house environment quiet so I can listen to her. A lot of times we have to say something in pairs, because it doesn't seem like I'm saying anything.

Approved for business success requires more than luck. I can say something, I can apologize or I can say inspiring sentences. People in these situations expect some sympathy from you. Listen to them when they speak, word for word it is a characteristic of a good listener, the speaker Try to understand the idea and respond accordingly.

If anyone asks you for help, be sure to give us your feedback. At that time your long and wide words or speech may seem unbearable to him. Even at a social event, people do not like to hear long, wide speeches unless there is a glimmer of hope. At that time you should pay full attention to your own behavior and words. Listen twice as much as you say. If that's not possible, try to say less than you hear. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Always try to be happy, never gossip, because nobody likes gossip. If anyone wants to talk to you, pay attention. Shooting is much more important than saying a lot of times. Try to understand and respect people's attitudes toward changing the way you respond or respond well.

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