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I had to discuss important issues with my friend Jasbir, when can I meet him? When asked, he says, I can go anytime. When he shows interest in knowing when he will be free, he says he has no shortage of time. I told him I was jealous of him because I never had that much time and could never say such a thing.

Time is short, and much of our success and failure depends on it. How much time we can spend on things related to ourselves is entirely up to us. Who must make time for all these things. If you do not want to accept an invitation, you do not need to say 'yes'. This is the method I use when people call or invite me. I made it clear to them that I could not answer without looking at the diary. That way I also get time to think a little about that.

We keep our house tidy and forget that all new and old things should be taken care of equally. We have a tendency to keep old birthday cards, good letters and old bank statements in order, which leads to clutter in our files.

I scanned and threw away the papers because I had an emotional connection with these papers. This is a good process to maintain cleanliness. If the amount of mess becomes too much, it will cause frustration in your mind. Try to tidy up any corner of the workplace or cupboard in your home or on a day of the week. This way you can handle the situation a lot. Working in this way not only gives you peace of mind, but also makes your work easier.

Many people do not even exercise due to lack of time. We can park our cars in one place and walk to our destination, but it is entirely up to us. Once my workload increased so much that I couldn’t find the time to walk. Then I decided to walk 4 km from my house to North Clock. Week magazine once reported, “We live in a civilization where we use three-story escalators and buy electronic steer steppers to keep fit. We bought all the items from the comfortable stores and came back to our treadmill early.

One of my business friends Suresh goes to a five star hotel to exercise but he has a swimming pool in his own house and a lawn big enough for sightseeing. Going to the gym is not a bad thing but we can also do gym in our daily work. A rich friend of mine, Virendra, loves to eat fast food and delicious fried food and after that he is very bitter when he is drunk. When he talks to me about this, I tell him that at one time I also liked to eat these fried spicy foods, but when I realized that they taste bad but with it our body condition worsens. That

Fresh and natural food is the best for your body. Along with a healthy body, it does not put too much pressure on your pockets.

The fun of walking around the house after dinner is different. Lots of fun reading, watching the setting sun, taking a good bath or lying in the bathtub for fifteen minutes is different. Bathing in the evening takes away all my tiredness and I feel refreshed.

Many cannot find time for family because of the stress of work. I really like to sit and eat with the whole family at night. It is not often possible but my wife Surendra decorates the dining area for me, her and the children's birthdays and makes it special. If you have the opportunity and time, spend this beautiful evening once or twice a month.

When removing clothes from the cupboard, pick up stains, small and old fashioned clothes and throw them away. This will also include some of the clothes that you picked up separately and the ones that you picked up separately in the last two years and the ones that you haven't seen touching in the last two years. You can eat as much as you like, but you should wear clothes that your family and friends will like as well. When choosing clothes you can take the help of a trustworthy person. Can choose clothes according to his opinion.

The weather changes here after a few months. For winter and summer we have to put clothes in the cupboard. Whenever the weather changes, wash and iron the clothes of this season so that you can get up in the morning and wear them. I pick up my clothes (safari suit or shirt) the day before and go for a walk the next morning. There is a bucket lying outside our bathroom to keep dirty clothes. The clothes are left to be ironed in another bucket. What some people will wear all week is the wardrobe. Tidy up, so they can wear clothes instead. Spend the day with friends or relatives to take full advantage of the holiday.

Important paper shots to protect from stress Take care of passports, bank papers, birth certificates, insurance policies, employment and share papers. Keep these important papers separate in the locker. You can also keep some special documents in the bank locker or with a consultant. But you must keep the Xerox papers with you.

I have scanned these kinds of special documents in the computer. It is wise to invest in plans that are tax-free or tax-free. This means you can double your money. Never miss an opportunity to save money. No matter what people say, money can buy you benefits. It is true that with money you cannot buy real happiness but without it you cannot get comfort. Spend your money for yourself in such a way that it can give you happiness and you can get the desired benefit from life.

Never take the pressure of eating on your head. I left the money in the bank every month for five years and later took it as a fixed deposit. Today, after 25 years, it has become 25000 / Start it as early as possible, like a pension scheme. You can also get help from a financial advisor in this regard. Buying property in India is also a good job, if you buy with millions of rupees today, it will reach crores tomorrow.

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