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How to be Happy?



What makes you happy? -Maybe you have faced this question many times. You ask yourself, what would you be happy with? Are you happy just because you can make a living, or is it something else? Does anyone else decide if you are happy? Do you believe that your happiness is already limited and you can't touch it? For some people, the greatest happiness lies in money. Happiness will be complete only if you can go to a five star hotel near Kaur. Some people are happy when they can take drugs like heroin and alcohol and gambling are the main ingredients of happiness for Kaur. Some people are happy to have a good life partner, a good job, a good boss, obedient children and understanding parents.

If happiness is hidden in alcohol or drugs, the consequences are terrible. This hobby is not only short-lived, it is also harmful in the long run. The “trade of pleasure” has become a large enterprise. Some people find joy in the company of holy great men and they seek the path of liberation, but in a country like India there is no shortage of hypocritical saints.

You can make yourself happy. Happiness will never come by itself and be held in your hand. For this you have to keep trying. When you are happy with the happiness of others, you will know the secret that is hidden inside happiness. Remember that happiness is not always there is nothing hidden in wanting, appreciating and doing things, find happiness even in the smallest areas of life and always think that you are happy.

Anyone can be happy by doing whatever they want. If you interfere in the affairs of your mind, you must be entitled to real happiness. Try to do some creative work, unemployed people can never be happy. You can have real happiness only if you limit your desires and be satisfied with your actions.

People who can't do anything have nothing to do. If your skills come in handy for your community, family and colleagues, there is a happiness hidden in that too. I can say from my own experience that the day I do nothing, the day I feel an indifference inside myself. After retiring I kept myself busy in writing. According to people, my daily routine is very strict but I feel happy through it. Many times it seems that this life is too short for what we want to do and get. There is no lack of knowledge in this world.

Have a good opinion of yourself and learn to respect your own worth. If you don't know how to respect yourself, you can't expect respect from others. You cannot rise above your own beliefs. I will respect you as much as you respect yourself. Learn to adapt to your situation and never try to belittle others. My friend Sriram, wherever he is seen, always shares his sorrows with me, one day after enjoying a pleasant evening when we were returning home he says, Narendra is very arrogant, I completely deny his opinion, so his Sighs a little and says I didn't notice. He tries to make people small in this way. I told him

That you get what you want out of life. I want to be friends with everyone so I get used to that. I tell him that God is all he created man separately. There is an effect of that environment on the environment in which every human being has grown up.

Everyone wants to have fun. At the time of the declaration of independence in the US, it was said that happiness and freedom are the rights of all people. All religions and philosophies show a way to reach happiness I am not talking about any one religion, try to follow the path of the religion you are happy to follow. No matter what you say, real happiness lies in your intentions. This purpose affects your whole life. If you do not have a goal in mind, you should think about it. Your happiness depends on the external situation and handling it. Moving towards specific goals will also increase your level of happiness. Our own goals should be clear to ourselves. It is impossible to take a step without setting a goal. Then you need to set a limit to meet that goal. Then work from the bottom of the list to eliminate problems that are not suitable for combat. The more you move towards the goal, the more your happiness will increase. You may have noticed that when a person passes a class and moves on to a new class or enters a new job with a civil service exam, their happiness has no limits. I can still remember how happy and proud I was when I was selected for IPS. Not being able to reach the goal, violence, indifference, fatigue, loneliness, creating distance in the relationship and fear of being small in the eyes of others, etc. obstruct your path to happiness. Happiness requires a good body, imaginary goals, beautiful relationships, ample income, family affection, productive work, and a positive attitude.

In my opinion, a body that has no disease is a good body. Through this, the joy of life and the joy of living are doubled. A good body does not mean that your body will be like an Olympic opener. Small things like colds, coughs or fevers do not mean that your body is healthy, And no. This kind of helpless problem is solved by you. If we don't have a good body, we can't get anything in life. We are not even able to earn a living. A positive attitude, a simple attitude toward dense situations, and a positive view of people lead us to happiness. We need to let go of the attitude of despair. The following things can increase your happiness

Curiosity, before, Josh

Work to your liking

Personal concerns,

Hard work

A person has to decide for himself how happy he will be. According to Betrang Russell, "This happiness is a mystery. Expand the field of your choice, build a friendly relationship with all the objects and organs that come with your relationship."

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