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Many people cannot reach the 3rd goal for the rest of their lives because they find the answer to their question in the wrong place. Many do not even understand what the real problem is. No matter what the problem or difficulty, why resort to the wrong way to solve it? We all fall into the same trap because we are afraid to face the real truth of life. We must accept the fact that all the conflicts we have had to deal with in the past or in the present are the result of our wrong choices. We must take upon ourselves the responsibility of making our present joyful and pleasing.

It can be made attractive by bringing a little negative effect in life. It is our judgment that influences and controls our thinking. What we think becomes action. I have noticed that when I imagine the worst case scenario for a problem, there is a way out.

Even after the age of years, my life will be cut short in a very beautiful way. I have noticed that if you want to be happy, you have to keep in mind and find the best day in any situation. Never talk negatively to yourself and you can't be happy. Almost over Relationships ‘Don’t face a positive attitude even when faced with a job and situation. If you believe that you can never be happy, you can never change yourself. We accept in advance that we can never win, that is why we always lose.

We are the biggest critics of this and we make ourselves small, that's what hurts us the most. Instead of showing kindness to them, we resort to harshness, but to no avail. Our lives are entangled in a web of time and we give it a whirl to fulfill the prayers and hopes of others, maybe many times we don't like it. The productivity of our time tends to decrease. All of this happens to us because we can't say 'no' to anyone. We think that if we say 'no' to someone, we will be called arrogant. I was invited from a place to enjoy the joy of the new year, this place is 35 km away from me. Located far away. Accepting this invitation means traveling about 70 km in your own car. Traveling and then watching dance songs, which I don't like at all. At that time I had to put a fake smile on my face and talk to strangers with whom I may never meet again. This type of event usually ends at midnight, so my sleep routine is ruined. I tell them my own disability and I promise to go somewhere else.

I want to make it clear to you that there is no need to accept any invitation. If it interferes with your important work. But do not do it easily. You are not the key puppet that carries the command of all. If you can't say 'no' to each other, set aside a little time each week for this task.

A lot of the time we need some things for work, such as preterm cartridges, surface nature household goods. If you list and buy things for the whole month together, it is better, you do not have to go to the store again and again. Some items should be kept at home so that you do not have to wear any problem.

The pace of work will be maintained. This incident happened to me when I saw an emergency print out bar that the printer had run out of Hulk Cottage. But many times storing them is also dangerous. In many countries a housemaid or employee can never be trusted completely. A few years ago, my secretary used my stationery for his work and made biodate etc. for his new job. Anyone wants a good job for themselves but I can only expect that he will ask me once before using my computer, stationery. Despite such difficulties, even after the price of the material has increased, we feel that we can only stock up on a few things, so we don't have to go to the market again and again. It is very important to have some things to maintain the qualifications. I keep scissors and a stapler with me to facilitate opening the letter. Every time I went to do scissor work with a strapler, I got hurt. Try to keep all the bills you need to deposit together so that you can deposit them on time.

There is no shortage of advanced processes to work with, no matter what process you adopt, your excellence must be manifested through it. How can you maintain a good and empathetic attitude towards yourself? Try to be as optimistic as possible and don’t talk frustratingly or even think. Whenever you are under emotional or physical stress about something, think twice about it. And build a formula of positivity with it.

Whenever there is talk of changing old habits or relationships, we should look at what is lacking there. Our fears scare us and they sit in our brains. What if I lose? What will people say? All these questions keep running through our heads. Not only our judgment but also our friends, colleagues and so-called well-wishers say, “You cannot do this. "

And nothing can happen. After finishing my studies, I can be appointed as a teacher in any primary school. This is my idea. But again there were a lot of people who patted me on the back and said, what's the harm in trying that? There were a lot of people who were against me, who thought that I was jumping too much, so I was more likely to fall face down. Anyone who wants to go first in life has to face this same situation. What will happen, how? Try to move towards your goal in the dream before asking this kind of question again and again. You can turn a dream into a reality only if you can get rid of the "what and how" sentences. Try to keep in mind that no achievement gives you joy in a way that does not reward you.

We all want to make our dreams come true but in its path we put a fear. People might call me stupid, thinking that until we talk about it with Kaur, there is only one way to reach the summit that mountaineers use when climbing a mountain. They store food, spades, ropes, etc. in advance for about a month. Because they know that after climbing the mountain they will not find any department store to take the necessary items. They have to plan ahead.

In this way we too can move forward with complete confidence by taking small steps. The secret of success is to take small steps first and then rise higher.

Once you adopt this mentality, you will see that even the impossible becomes possible. Our joy lies in receiving, these two complement each other. Trust yourself and your abilities and think that you can get something better from everyone, then no one can stop you from fulfilling your purpose.

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