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Set a goal one time limit for why you don't want to complete the task. This process will not leave you behind. You will be able to fulfill your responsibilities in a beautiful way. What do you do next? Never waste time thinking about it. Get ready the night before for the work you plan to start the next day.

The telephone has become a part of our lives. Telemarketing annoys us. There is no need to pick up the phone whenever it rings, if you do, you may need to talk to some of the people you want to get rid of. Examine phone calls carefully and then answer, only answer calls that seem to need to be answered. Call friends or relatives in your spare time. Whenever I call someone, I ask them if they are ready to talk or if I will call at another time.

This also has a good effect on him. If you finish the preparation the night before for work, no work can put pressure on you. From my own experience, the slightest moment of excitement can make you forget your special job. I keep Sukesh in my house whenever I need to go out or visit my mother, because I have my own necessities in it. And if you buy a gift for Kaur, keep it neat. This reduces my work pressure. My housemaid also has a tray of morning tea Tidied up the night before. As a result, he does not have to get up in the morning to find cups, tea bags, sugar cups, etc. out of the washing dishes. For this I can drink tea or coffee very comfortably at any time of the day, all I have to do is switch on the electric kettle. Pour the milk, sugar, coffee dilma and hot water into the cup, the diameter, the coffee is ready. This process took me less than three minutes. There is a lot of work that can be done at night to prepare for the shots, such as making clothes for the kids going to school.

TV is a great way to waste time. I only watch TV for an hour. Let's see. I even have some other work on hand while watching TV. I know that at one time I watched a lot of TV. I watched and my work had nothing to do with these events. When I watch TV in my house. Comes. At that time only Mac and White TV. Could be found. At that time very few people had this yatra. The program lasted only two hours, after which it was extended to three hours. Color TV was introduced during the Asian Games. There are now more than 300 channels in the country. All of these are being challenged through advertising. It took five hours for the movie to end. Isn't it better to make your own history through this time than to waste time making history in this way?

For example, as I write this book, I am watching the movie "The Messenger" on TV about the birth of Islam and the biography of Muhammad. I raised my head a few minutes later and listened to the dialogue and then started writing again. I know everyone puts two things together. You can't carry on, but women can weave sweaters to cut vegetables while watching TV or talk on the phone.

I keep a record. You can use this page to listen to your favorite shows and watch your favorite shows in your spare time. I have a walkman that I use every time I travel. Many people like me forget about Kaur. Each person uses a different process to remember. Someone writes in the diary He loads it into the computer's memory, then writes it on a lot of paper and sticks it in the bathroom glass. There are no set rules for this, but get up in the morning to see who you need to meet when and at what time. Another big problem is that people are not bound by the discipline of time. A few days ago I went to attend an event. The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 12:30, with lunch at the five-star hotel. The main guest could not be found until 2, so I went back. Later I came to know from a friend that the chief guest came at three o'clock on this day. The punishment he received for being late was that he could not meet me. For this reason, you should adopt a process that will increase your production.

I was in Chandigarh last month. One of the heroes and heroines of the movie was shooting there. When the protagonist invites me to watch his performance, I thank him and say that I have already given time to someone in Delhi. I have to meet him. If he comes to Delhi, I would love to meet him.

A friend came to pick me up at the train station, he says

“Hey! You should have said yes to such an invitation. ” “I like this actor, but for that I am important to myself

I will never forget the work. ” I say this so that you may understand that there is no need for you to say 'yes' to all requests. We can work on it for a little while, but it's best to make it monthly. There is only one meaning behind saying this, and that is that you take full advantage of the limited time and acquire its productivity.

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