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Do you know exactly how much damage your mobile is doing to you?


Nowadays we are useless without mobile but do we even think about how much this mobile is harming us? After hours of talking in peace on the mobile.


  1. According to scientists, the damage to this electromagnetic field is no less than the danger of a nuclear reactor. The thinner the skull, the greater the mobile effect. From brain tumors to nervous system breakdowns, to heart attacks, the chances of everything are increasing.
  2. Using a mobile phone causes a part of our brain to become hot. This results in damage to the brain tissue. The brain also has its response.
  3. Using mobile phones during storms can be dangerous.
  4. If you keep a mobile phone in your chest pocket, you are more likely to have heart problems.
  5. Without using earphones, talking more on a mobile phone at the base of the ear can lead to hearing loss and even deafness.
  6. Increasing infertility. Excessive mobile use increases the risk of oral cancer or malignant tumors.
  7. Children's brain cells are soft and they are being severely damaged. Scientists have shown that children suffer from epilepsy and asthma due to electromagnetic contamination.
  8. Lef Selfod is strong enough on the basis of data-evidence and says loud enough that every call of cellphone harms our brain. Even people like passive smokers who are not using mobile phones but have mobile users are also suffering. The results of a study by Sandstorm and Mild in Santini and Sweden in France reinforce Lef Selfod's statement. According to their survey, up to 25% of cell phone users suffer from various neurological problems. For example, dizziness, fatigue, loss of memory, dizziness, fatigue, etc.
    So what to do now? Will you throw the mobile in the water? Or will you use Divya mobile according to some rules?
    In fact, the second is true. If we use mobile according to some rules then we will be protected from many diseases.


  1. Try to talk by turning on the speaker of the mobile phone so that your head is away from the mobile. Although it is also harmful, but not so much if you hold the mobile in front of the head is much less than the possibility of damage.

  2. Use earbuds if possible. These will basically help keep your head away from mobiles.

  3. Do not let the mobile stay connected to your body by keeping it on all day. Or even if you keep it, you will see that the antenna of the mobile is not towards you in any way (usually behind the mobile).

  4. Keep the use of mobile in car, train, or plane as low as possible. Mobile phones use more power in places made of iron and emit much more radiation. There is also a risk of an accident if you use a mobile phone in a car or train.

  5. Try to use landline instead of mobile when you are at home. Remember cordless land phones do not emit less radiation than mobiles. So use a corded land phone.

  6. Buy a cover for your mobile that will prevent the radiation of the phone at least a little.

  7. Use a phone that emits less radiation. Nowadays mobile phone companies have become health conscious, and they are trying to create mobiles that emit less radiation. The LG Quantum mobile has the lowest radiation spread among the mobiles made so far.

  8. Eat foods rich in vitamins C and E that will protect your body cells from being destroyed. Eat chillies, guavas, papayas, oranges, lemons, strawberries, etc. It has a lot of vitamin C and red chilli powder, pine nuts, cooked vegetables, etc., it has vitamin E.

  9. When you sleep at night, do not sleep with the mobile because at night, the mobile is attached to your body for a long time, so the effect on your body can be much more.

  10. Notice the signal of the mobile. When it is low, the mobile radiates more radiation, so let the signal come first, then call.

  11. Instead of talking on the mobile, talk in the message, this will at least keep the mobile away from your head, so the possibility of damage will be reduced to some extent.

Anyway, I am saying goodbye wishing you to be well and healthy.

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