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Did you forget something? - part - 2


If you haven't read the previous article on Did you forget something? please read it first.

Forget unnecessary things.
Sometimes we forget what we don’t want to remember. It doesn't take long to forget an unpleasant person or event. The way to do this is to always try to remember things well. Combine one with the other so as not to forget. In fact, you should never forget about stomach or toothache and you must go to the doctor. Whatever you do, do it with joy. Related objects can be remembered across one another.

The connector method is very useful for remembering something in a short night. For example, if you go to the market to sew clothes, you can combine press drying with it. I remember buying toothbrushes and paste when I went to buy soap. As a result, nothing is forgotten. You can form an image in the head to connect the objects to each other. It may work for you.

However, things like entertaining or harassing are very easy to remember. It is also a good way to remember names. This makes it a little difficult for me to remember a person's name, so I try to associate names with a person's clothing or appearance, for example, I associate it with a bird's name according to a person's specialty or the color of the clothing. It also reminds me of things I probably forgot.

There is a race in Punjab called "Kakkar" and another race called "Ginddar". I never forget the words chicken and fox (gidar in Hindi). Although they have changed their names to "Kakkar" and "Gindhar". But still I use this process to remember these two names.

We should use our imagination to improve our memory. If we continue to follow this process for a long time, it will become our habit and we will be able to use it without any effort.

Once when I was surrounded in a garden I forgot where I kept the car key. I concentrate on myself and try to remember when and where I finally had the chubby in my hand and then a little bit later I get it.

Mental Concentration We can change the power of memory by combining unknown objects related to names and faces with familiar objects. If you don't have any problems with your head, never think that aging is the cause of your memory loss. Activate your brain.

A lot of times we don't put our head down to remember anything. Mental concentration can solve half of your problems. I often keep paper and pen with me. If I forgot, I netted the name and address on a paper napkin and went home and wrote it down in my diary.

By following these tips, you will definitely be able to keep your memory fresh.

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