Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology


opsin Top Crypto Events Planned for Tomorrow 1. Aeternity (AE) and 19 others: Second Blockchain Week Second annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week from Jan 14-18. Event source 2. HYCON (HYC): Bithumb Listing Vote Ends HYCON's enrolled 2nd round of Bithumb Listing Vote. #1 & #2 winners of the round will be listed and voters will receive free airdrop coins. Event source 3. ColossusXT (COLX): CoinPulse Listing ColossusXT listing on CoinPulse Exchange with BTC, ETH and CPEX trading pairs. Event source Some World Crypto News 1. The official Google Ads account replied to the tweet stating that cryptocurrency exchanges targeting the United States and Japan can be advertised on the platform, and that targeting other countries could be the reason for the ad rejection. Read More 2. According to the aforementioned article, the university employs the Blockcerts open standard in partnership with Learning Machine, a startup providing a system to issue verifiable official records using a blockchain-anchored format. Read More 3. The decentralized exchange (DEX) is starting off with three trading pairs: EOS/BTC, EOS/ETH, and EOS/USDT, and will add more in the future after receiving feedback from its users and ensuring the new pairs go through a “review and screening” process. Read More Todays Top Gainer and Loser for Today Top 10 Gainer (last 24 hour) ![Screenshot_5.png]( Top 10 Loser (last 24 hour) ![Screenshot_6.png]( Follow me to get the latest Crypto news on your feed and stay updated with the crypto market. ![thank-you-for-reading-and-i-hope-you-liked-it.jpg](
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